White House Admits Altering DOJ’s Interview with Joe Biden


Attorney General Merrick Garland will not release the audio of Joe Biden’s interview with Robert Hur. The main reason seems likely to be his constant hesitations and brain warps in his speech, but there might be more.

Judicial Watch has obtained the original transcript.

The White House admitted they altered the transcript to remove filler words such as “um” and “uh” and repeated words. Why would they do that? So he doesn’t sound like he had brain death in the middle of a sentence.

According to a release from the Justice Department on Friday night, the transcript was altered, with various words removed and significant “clean-up” work done to it. (Read the original transcript here.)

Judicial Watch announced that the White House admitted in a federal court that the transcript of President Joe Biden’s testimony to Special Counsel Robert Hur is not accurate and is missing “filler words (such as ‘um’ or ‘uh’)” and words that “may have been repeated when spoken (such as ‘I, I’ or ‘and, and’).”

In its new filing, the Biden Justice Department makes the outlandish assertions of executive privilege and privacy to hide the Biden audio. They claim they don’t want AI to alter the transcript [that they altered].

 The Justice Department filing reads in part:

13. After the interview, SCO [Special Counsel Office] created written transcripts of the audio recording with the assistance of a trained professional court reporter – one transcript for each day of the interview. I have read the entirety of the written transcripts of the interview. As I listened to the audio recording, I compared it to the transcripts of the audio recording and specifically listened for differences between the transcripts and audio recording. In a few instances, the transcripts indicate that some words from the audio recording are indiscernible. In listening to the audio recording and reviewing the transcripts, I agree that in those instances the words are indiscernible.

The Presidential Records Act is clear on this issue: official records are not to be altered.

Stalinists alter history. Imagine if Trump did this.

The likely reason Democrats are okay with a dementia-ridden man as president is because he’s only a figurehead.


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