Tulsi on Dr. Fauci: They Rejected Science, Rejected the Truth


Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard gave a clear and poignant analysis of yesterday’s hearing with Dr. Anthony Fauci. She said that Dr. Fauci is the latest example of the ‘Democratic’ elite in Washington and their crusade for control and more power, which comes at the cost of our freedom.

Dr. Fauci is among the worst offenders.

“Who are these Democrat elite – “Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and also unelected officials like Fauci, who has shown throughout his entire career, serving under both Democrat and Republican administrations, through his actions, that he serves his own interest and the interest of big Pharma and big government consistently over the interest of the American people.”

“The insidious part about this is that he and others take these actions and abuse their power in the name of working for our best interest. In fact, they are doing the exact opposite.

”For example, as you remember, during COVID, Dr. Fauci demanded that we place blind faith in him and the government. They said, just trust us; just trust the science that we are acting in the interest of your public health. But over time …it was about huge amounts of money, our taxpayer dollars being put directly into the pockets of Big Pharma.

They Didn’t Care About the Truth

“They didn’t care about the truth. In fact, they outwardly and brazenly rejected science, rejected the truth, and just labeled their lies as science. And the truth now we know, Fauci lied to Congress numerous times, including the lie that the National Institute of Health did not perform gain of function research.”

Tulsi said it’s a crime that Democrats imprison Republicans for lying under oath before Congress, but Democrats protect their Congressmen from ever being prosecuted.

She added, “We also know that Fauci‘s team was exposed during the hearing yesterday, and they worked behind the scenes to cover up the origins of the COVID outbreak. They knew about it. He was CCed on those emails and then lied to Congress about it.”

His “guidance on ensuring that we have 6 feet of social distancing between us wasn’t backed up by science. They just picked this number out of the air.

They closed restaurants that were not a source of spreading COVID but allowed pot shops, strip clubs, and liquor stores to remain open.

”Doctors who knew what he was doing was wrong guidance – they were threatened …. This violation of our fundamental rights and free speech will have long-lasting effects. Their demonization of people who questioned or challenged Dr. Fauci and his guidance will have long-lasting effects.”

“You have seen people self-censoring and afraid to speak up.”

As long as Democrats are in Office, their friends can continue to take our freedoms away, she noted.

Tulsi urges our congressman to hold them accountable.


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