The Existential Threat and the “Dangerous Path” We Are On


The greatest foreign enemy facing the United States today isn’t Russia, it is China. They spy on us, steal our secrets, buy up our land, and infiltrate our universities, media, and government agencies. We are dependent on China for medicines, machinery, and military equipment for starters. As they threaten our national security, millions pour in unvetted through our open borders. Chinese and Russians are among those who come in and are allowed to stay without proper screening.

Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois discussed this serious lapse in national security during a recent interview with Breitbart, saying that America could face a critical crisis if it continues on the “dangerous path.”

US farmland
She addressed the takeover of land by Chinese communists.

“We are on a dangerous path. We’ve known for a long time that we have been allowing ourselves to be too economically dependent on China.

“Joe Biden is just focusing on Americans as being domestic terrorists instead of focusing on our true adversaries. I can’t even imagine what will happen if we lose our self-sufficiency in farming, and we need to take this threat very seriously.”

She noted that the Chinese nationals are buying up hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland. She tried to get a bill passed to stop it, but the “Save American Farms from Adversaries Act”  failed. She has reintroduced the act, which allows the president to ban the sale of land to foreign individuals or entities for five years.

She said:

“My husband and I are actually involved in agriculture. We raise grain and cattle, and we live in a rural area. So firsthand, I can tell you that the people locally are very concerned about this. We did introduce [the bill] a year ago…but since then, we know that hundreds of thousands of acres of farm ground has been purchased by China and other foreign entities….We need to be aggressive and stop foreign land purchases — specifically farmland.”

Unfortunately, it might not help with Biden.  She said, “now we have a man who is compromised. Our national security is compromised because Joe Biden is compromised.”

It doesn’t stop at Biden, either.

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Reader mostly
Reader mostly
9 months ago

I appreciate the article, but it reminds me of work. As soon as the weather dries out I will be tilling.

9 months ago

When we go to war with China in 2025, we’ll just confiscate their land.