The Field of Reprobates: The Cautionary Tale of Gascon’s Recall


George Gascon, a close ally of George Soros’s, is the current District Attorney of Los Angeles who prefers criminals to victims. He also says he convinced Soros to put enough money into district attorney campaigns to bring the win home to the most progressive candidates.

Soros also funded Gason’s DA race.

Gascon’s leadership is a disaster. He will not prosecute crimes, even some violent crimes. He is pro-criminal.


As a result, Los Angeles County residents launched a petition to recall Gascón. Recall appears to be polling quite well. He would lose a recall election if it were held today, according to a recent poll commissioned by a group supporting the effort.

By nearly 40 percentage points — 61.4% to 21.5% — voters said they would prefer someone other than Gascon to serve as the top prosecutor in California’s most populous county. That is according to the survey conducted by J. Wallin Opinion Research found.

“The clear takeaway is that George Gascon is rapidly losing support less than a year after being elected and that a recall would overwhelmingly pass if it were held today,” said Tim Lineberger, a spokesman for the Recall George Gascon campaign. “The voters of Los Angeles County disapprove of Gascon, his job performance and extreme policy agenda that puts violent criminals first and places victims in the back of the line.”

Citizens at the recent Recall Gascon Rally held at Central Park in Saugus emphasized their anger at the DA’s lack of will to prosecute criminal cases and apply the law.

When enough signatures were seemingly collected, they were turned in and REJECTED!


The recall effort gathered 715,833 signatures, but Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Dean Logan has found a stunning 195,783 to be invalid for a variety of reasons.

Vast sums of money were spent (millions), but the quality of the signatures submitted was “embarrassingly incompetent,” according to an expert who viewed the materials RedState requested.

It was worse than that. A whistleblower spoke anonymously to RedState, explaining that the woman controlling the campaign committee, Cassandra Vandenberg, knew for over a month that the committee’s progress was woefully inadequate. She knew that signatures from out-of-county people and non-voters were counted by the committee as verified signatures. It doesn’t stop there. Vandenberg allegedly instructed campaign workers to leave them on the petitions “because we need the numbers” and instructed campaign workers, in front of multiple Deputy District Attorneys, to forge circulators’ signatures in the attestation portion of the petition forms that are signed under penalty of perjury.

That sounds like fraud, but it gets worse.

RedState reporter Jennifer Van Laar discovered some things about the parties and companies involved in the recall petition. Let the Voters Decide (LTVD), the signature gathering firm in the Gascon recall, was simultaneously running a Soros-backed voter “rights” bill in Michigan.

As mentioned, Gascon claims he convinced Soros to start the Progressive Prosecutor Project.

She linked to an article on about fraud in the signature collections in the Michigan gubernatorial race.

Let the Voters Decide allegedly uses Brian Meeter, a Grand Rapids businessman who subcontracts for a firm owned by Mark Jacoby. Jacoby’s firm is accused of fraud in signature gathering. There’s no evidence he is linked to the firm owned by convicted criminal Shawn Wilmoth who is discussed in the linked Bridge article, but they are products of the same sketchy field.

Shawn Wilmoth’s firm, First Choice Contracting, pulled people off the streets in Michigan and is felon-friendly in hiring people to collect signatures. They upended the Michigan race with 68,000 invalid signatures. The people involved are facing lawsuits and fraud allegations.

Dues-paying Democrat Shawn Wilmoth ran the ballot collection for five of 10 Republican gubernatorial candidates.

Fraudulent signatures disqualified five of 10 Republican gubernatorial candidates from the race, and a Bridge Michigan investigation found that Wilmoth’s firm worked for all five campaigns.

Owner Shawn Wilmoth was convicted of voter fraud in 2011.

Getting back to LTVD, Van Laar writes that there’s also a lawsuit in Florida claiming that LTVD and others harassed and intimidated signature gatherers on the opposing side, even accusing them of paying people to stop gathering signatures.

The field is fraught with corruption.

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