The Fight for Democracy Is in The Netherlands


The Netherlands created the most successful agricultural economy on the planet out of the ruins of World War II. The war left the Dutch with a hatred of fascism, which they now face head-on. The media has little interest in it, but the Dutch are carving a path that could save the Western World.

“Though smaller than the state of West Virginia, they became the world’s second-biggest exporter of food after the United States. And despite the temperate climate, farmers have developed a thriving fruit and vegetable industry, including growing bananas in greenhouses. Not even their damp lands have held them back; Dutch engineering has allowed productive farming to flourish below sea level. There’s a floating dairy farm in Rotterdam Harbor that provides the city with milk, butter, and yogurt while shoring up flood resistance,” Jamie Blackett writes at The Free Press.

Their government and the EU want to take it all away under the guise of climate change.

Dutch Farmers protest

Like many after WWII, they thought the EU was a good idea, but then it was supposed to be an economic-trade union. Now the EU dictates everything, even what toasters can be bought and sold. Migration, conservation, acceptable speech, and prices are all determined by technocrats in Brussels.

The Dutch have had enough. They now fight for their basic liberties.

The Real Fight for Democracy

The Dutch Fascists

The EU and their Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, decided there is too much nitrogen in the air, and the farms and ranches are the cause. He is attempting to get a third of the farms and half the animals canceled. They and everyone who signed onto Agenda 2030 must reduce nitrogen by 50% by 2030.

The idea allegedly came directly from Klaus Schwab, the President of the World Economic Forum himself. The same goals seriously harmed Sri Lanka and they are being implemented now in other Western nations, particularly in Canada. Ireland is talking about killing 200,000 cows. Brazil is protesting in very large numbers as the communist-WEF government tries to do the same thing to them. The entire country is farmed. The US climate czar, John Kerry, said we must do something about nitrogen in the USA.

Hungary is rejecting the LGBT agenda pressed by the EU. Poland is rejecting the resettlement of migrants. Italy is moving further to the right. France is gradually unpicking the single market. Irish populism is gaining traction. Germany is pushing back against Net Zero. All of these things point to a great unraveling of European solidarity (if ever such a thing really existed), and the harder the EU pushes, the more the backlash grows.

Bullies of The Netherlands Are Killing People

Due to animal poop, urine, and nitrogen emissions, Dutch officials plan to withdraw farmers’ licenses to farm. They’re trying to buy them out, and some have sold, but they aren’t going to reach their goal of converting 3,000 farms.

The farmers are singled out. They’re probably seen as the most vulnerable. They began protesting in 2019.

There is no way they can meet these insane goals, as the officials now threaten to confiscate 3,000 farms, one-third of the nation’s farms. They want to limit cows to only two per field. The EU backs the plan as they try to buy out the farmers.

Remember how we used to hear about how hard it is to feed the world’s hungry, especially the children? Now they suggest we all eat heavily-processed foods made from insects.

When farmers accept the buyout, they can never farm anywhere in the EU again. That’s how fascist the EU has become.

Many of these farmers are generational. It’s their family history.

The Great Reset by Villain Klaus Schwab

The tyrants in the administration don’t care. They are ideologues. Ideology is dangerous.

The media, doing the bidding of the fascists, claims it’s an emergency and there is no other choice. They demonize the farmers.

This is The Great Reset. The UN’s Agenda 2030 is one with the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. The elitists of the Great Reset, the title and idea taken from a book written by Klaus Schwab, have decided they must reset the world, and they alone know how to do it. They plan to be the masters of it.

The Dutch got their candidate in through the Farmer-Citizen Movement Party. Their great hope is Caroline van der Plas, but the threats to take the land continue.

The new party is leading in all the polls.

Go Nowhere, Just Obey

Some of the leftists want the stolen farms to become a tristate city of 45 million people, mostly migrants. They want 15-minute cities as per the WEF. Some agricultural land would be “rewilded.”

You’ll go nowhere and be happy.

If Rutte succeeds, they’ll simply transfer the food production to other countries. It’s an illogical movement. There are many ways to improve farming practices without stealing farms.

But that isn’t what they want. They want the power and control of a New World Order with elites in charge.

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