The Fraudulent Republican Paul Ryan


Former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has said that he does not plan to vote for former President Trump in November. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ketanje Brown Jackson’s brother-in-law is happy to oversee the downfall of our nation as Democrats turn it into a communist nation with one-party rule and perpetual illegal immigration.

“Character is too important to me,” Ryan told Yahoo Finance at the Milken Global Institute Conference. “And it’s a job that requires the kind of character that he just doesn’t have.”

“Having said that, I really disagree with [President Biden] on policy,” he added. “I wrote in a Republican the last time; I’m gonna write in a Republican this time.”

He wasted two critical years when Republicans had all the power. It was likely our last chance to save this nation. It’s past time for Ryan to join the Democrat Party. He doesn’t support Republicanism.

“He doesn’t think in classical liberal, conservative terms,” Ryan continued at the time. “He thinks in an authoritarian way, and he’s been able to get a big chunk of the Republican base to follow him because he’s the culture warrior.”

The only authoritarians I see are in the Biden administration.

“It was not rigged. It was not stolen,” Ryan said in an interview in 2021. “Donald Trump lost the election. Joe Biden won the election. It’s really clear.”

He did lose, but the election was very unfairly influenced by Democrats in every imaginable way. People were barred from speaking truthfully about it.

Fox hired him to sit on their Board, and he undoubtedly has a lot of influence.

Chris Christie, Mike Pence, and Ryan are all stumping for the far-left senile guy by doing their best to demonize Donald Trump.

Ryan isn’t a RINO, he’s a Democrat, and he’s despicable:

Republicans haven’t had adequate representation.

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