The GOP Can Win the Senate


Senator Grassley Is Optimistic About the GOP

Flipping the Senate After Gloomy Predictions From McConnell

Senate Judiciary Ranking Member Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) suggested in a recent interview that he disagrees with past statements by GOP leadership downplaying Republican prospects in the 2022 midterms.

“I think we got good candidates in most states, and we’ll take the Senate by 52 votes to 48,” Grassley said. “Remember, we have 21 Republicans up and only 14 Democrats…but we’ve got real opportunities.”

He continued: “You got to remember that [President Joe Biden] is underwater as far as approval, particularly for the economy and particularly in the question of, is the government headed in the wrong direction,” he said, adding that he heard this sentiment from his constituents at town meetings throughout the month of August.

According to Rasmussen’s daily presidential tracking poll, which compiles data about presidential approval over time, as of Sept. 7, Biden had an approval rating of 44 percent compared to 48 percent approval for President Donald Trump at the same point in his presidency.

How does Joe Biden have an approval rating in the double digits, much less 44%?

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6 months ago

The RINO problem McConnell and McCarthy, is the they don’t want to win – too much. If Republicans control the Congress they will have to act or the RINOs will be swept away in 2024 – all the rest of them. It’s all about Personal Wealth and Power with the RINOs. Just like the Democrats, the RINOs don’t know what to do since President Trump has firm control of the Republican Party and the Republican Party is America First! That does not sit well with the RINO’s Chinese Puppet Masters.

McCarthy will be reelected, but if there is a Red Tsunami, he won’t be speaker. I would put my money on Rep. Steve Scalise as I think President Trump will back him.

McConnel will be reelected, but if there is a Red Tsunami, he could be replaced by Rick Scott who Trump is trying to recruit as Majority Leader.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
6 months ago

It sounds like some of the comments are are bitter and defeatist.
I suggest that M. Dowling is trying to inspire home and a commitment to work for the win. A self-defeated army does not fight well.
“How does Joe Biden have an approval rating in the double digits, much less 44%?”
Well, humorously, the education system is so broken that (pick a number, say 30%) have not learned to think rationally and believe the big media propaganda that everything is wonderful (e.g. Yellen’s fastest recovery ever) and 14% are on drugs, or are true believers in socialism like Bernie Sanders or self-deluded publicity seeking idiots like AOC or … .
What are YOU, dear reader doing to win the victory. Are you working in your precinct? Are you talking and writing, are you contributing?

6 months ago

No, we won’t. The GOP and lots of Conservatives are unwilling to use the same tactics. Time to stop taking the high road.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
6 months ago

The GOP can win, with some breakthrough wins from the conservative candidates Mitch despises. I have been hearing that the GOPe opposes Johnson in Wisconsin. I read Mitch has pulled funds from some races. There were some reversals, indicative of an internal fight. Mitch is very underwater, down to the ocean floor, among republican voters. Instead of keeping his stupid mouth shut, Mitch speaks and hurts GOP chances. He has been using his “unelectable candidates” line to refer to conservatives for a year.

Grassley’s record has been consistently supportive of Mitch’s corrupt RINO policies. Mitch was long ago due to be removed, because of that I think the GOP deserves to lose again, and may be intentionally losing again.