There’s a Reason WEF Wants You to Live in Metaverse & Eat Bugs


The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset

According to Wikipedia, The World Economic Forum has a plan for our post-COVID recovery. It is based on Klaus Schwab’s book, The Great Reset. The clip below explains The Great Reset like it has not been explained. There is a reason they want you to live in the Metaverse and eat bugs.

This clip tells you exactly what The Great Reset is, how to resist it, and which cryptocurrencies could benefit.

The World Economic Forum, or WEF, headed by Klaus Schwab, is a Swiss organization made up of the most powerful people in the world. Their goal is to shape global, regional, and industry agendas.

All agendas are based on Klaus Schwab’s ideas, which capitalize on the Facebook Metaverse, Chinese Communists, and total control of the carbon creatures (that’s us peasants).


WEF sees the pandemic as an opportunity to reset the world. They want to replace capitalism’s shareholders with stakeholders. They call it stakeholder capitalism. Stakeholders make all the decisions. Stakeholders are all those in the WEF. Stakeholder Capitalism centralizes all power in them. They include politicians, banks, non-governmental organizations, and corporations.

There are three phases to The Great Reset. The first two are to restrain or fight the virus and recover where the world enters the new normal.

“The new normal” is a term coined by President Xi of China.

The third and final phase is The Great Reset which relies on five points:
  • Redefining the social contract
  • Decarbonizing the economy
  • Digitizing everything
  • Implementing Stakeholder Capitalism
  • Global Rollout of the Above – making sure they make their way into every country.

It will be achieved by all the thousands of global leaders they have now pushed into governments worldwide. They want it done by 2030 (before people realize what is happening.)

They are being implemented simultaneously.

The video goes into ESG, redefining terms inaccurately, and the UN. [The UN, the dictator’s club, is behind it. They even screen the people coming illegally into the United States.]


ESG is becoming more and more aligned with the UN’s sustainable development goals or SDGs. One of the goals deals with education. They don’t like the idea of one university being more prestigious than another. The plan is to replace them with training for life (and indoctrination). You’ll be in school forever and never get a degree.

The skills training implies there will be no more small businesses, just large corporations where everyone is a worker bee.

It sounds fantastical, but there’s a reason for it. The ultimate goal is to eliminate all economic inequalities and ensure they never increase.

Then there is the environmental aspect which sees people as carbon that has to be reduced. That’s why they want you to live in a digital world of the Metaverse and eat bugs.

Metaverse is a new form of intoxication, and bugs aren’t healthy.

Their goals end in the hypercentralization of the energy grid. If everything runs on electricity, it becomes easy to control everything!

The WEF likes solar and wind because not every country can produce the materials needed for these types of energy. This forces countries to trade globally, which is what the WEF wants to see. Unfortunately, China controls the precious metals and materials for solar and wind.

This is the tip of the iceberg. No conspiracy theories are required because they say it outright (see the links below). There is much more. Watch the clip, and welcome to the Metaverse of imaginary realities.
Watch the clip. How to resist begins at about 11:26.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Funny thing about all that is Anal Swab and fellow swabites have zero interest in any of that crap and only promoting it for self-benefit, especially where (more) wealth is concerned. The same goes for rooting pigs such as Al Gore who pushes his gluttonous self across the bogus ideas of “climate change” which occurs naturally since the planet was created; the high school failure, dropout, no-life Thunberg whose parents exploit her for any amount of money the lil toad brings in regarding their fraudulent “climate protection” scheme ‘n scam. All bogus pretentious shyyt from the jump engaged by scammers and wanna-be grifters.

1 year ago

It won’t work out. It’s a ludicrous fantasy that can’t factor in all the randoms.

1 year ago

The majority of the rich and powerful historically will become Tyrannical psychopaths. I don’t know what’s in the German drinking water that it seems like Germany produces more than their share of Psychopaths. The World works best when both Business and Governments are small and/or their power is distributed. When Governments work together such as in the UN, WHO, or NATO that’s when the World becomes dangerous. When Business and Government work together you will be a Serf.

Almost every Tyrannical Government in History has collapsed by a lack of citizen productivity. When people directly confront Government, or amass enough wealth to challenge them the Tyrants will send in their Storm Troupers. Tyrannical Governments are the tool of the Beast. Today the Beast is Large Corporations and the Money Manipulators – Banks and Brokers. Big Business has Organized into monopolies and Trust and the Our Government let them because our politicians are weak ball-less eunuchs who can easily be bought off and controlled.

So how do you tame the Beast? Local Taxation is a good place to start. When big national chains come to town you tax them into submission with franchise taxes or out of state owner taxes, corporation taxes, etc. I like the use of “progressive” town development taxes. You protect your small local businesses. Add to that, minimum wage laws, zoning, and regulations for businesses over a certain size. For some reason, Americans just sit around and let Big Business come to town and destroy dozens of local small businesses. You tar and feature local politicians who take bribes and outside contribution from out of the county donors. Taking a campaign contribution from an outsider should be the end of a local politician’s political career. Control campaign cotributions and you control your politicians.

I’m amazed at how Politicians can’t do math and will give tax breaks and land improvements to Big Business that cost the local community millions in excess of the jobs and tax revenue the business will bring to the community. It’s not uncommon for a company to come to a city and offer to create 5000 jobs, but will demand and get $500 Million in tax benefits in addition to utility and land improvements from politicians when over time the city should be creating 100 small businesses that will cost the taxpayer nothing. Why does big business get lower rates on utility cost?

Look around the country an you can clearly see why living in Big Blue Cities is so expensive. Taxpayers are footing the bill for Corporate Welfare. The reason that the Rich become so rich in the modern world is by corrupting government officials to give them a business advantage over small business. We allow Big Business Trust relationships. A big manufacture will sell a large quantity to a large retailer at a discount from which they will sell to small business. This should be illegal; actually I think it is. Government regulators are scared of Big Corporate Lawyers and Accountants, but know that few small businesses can fight back. The new 87,000 Armed IRS Agents will be coming after you!