The Great Resist Has Begun


Climate change activists demonize and unfairly target farmers throughout the Western world. The attacks focus on cattle that produce emissions and crops they don’t like. Governments of the New World Order (The Great Reset) are ramping up legislation to limit farming by destroying a third of all animals. It has spurred The Great Resist.


In Norway, the government plans to reduce carbon and nitrogen emissions by eliminating about 30% of agriculture.

In Northern Ireland, the government is considering terminating one million cattle and sheep so they can meet their arbitrary emissions targets. The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) estimates that 500,000 cattle and 700,000 sheep will need to die. In a separate analysis, five million chickens will have to be slaughtered before 2035.

Canada plans to attack agriculture. it’s next on their list.

The Netherlands is facing the termination of 25% to 30% of their animals.

Germany, Poland, Italy and Spain are also protesting almost identical cuts.

PETA wants a meatless world but are they okay with the mass slaughter of millions of animals? We’ll see how sincere they are or if they are just leftists.

Panama is in dire straits, and Sri Lanka and Ghana have already fallen.



This is happening as we face a world food crisis, oddly predicted by Klaus Schwab of The World Economic Forum (WEF). Since the governments are causing the shortages, we suspect the WEF is behind all of it.

We have inflation in the West, and people are starving to death in poorer nations.

The World Bank estimated that world hunger reached a high in 2021 when 193 million became food insecure, which rose by 40 million from 2020.

This is the Fourth Industrial Revolution brought to you by the likes of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates. They are beginning to meet the protesters of The Great Resist.

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10 months ago

The idiots are actually believing that we the people will stand back while they destroy life as we know it. NOT!!! Crush them at every level.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
10 months ago

All those pretentious ‘climate change’ activists are actually fakers and wanna-be actors and sleazy amateur ‘fact-checkers’ who get paid mega-coin for greenwashing and in the same way big corporations get paid mega-coin from democrats and accomplices for doing the greenwash bs. Take note of the fact that those paid actors couldn’t survive a day with a battery-operated lifestyle plus the big entities have donated big dolla-bills to the democrat party in a huge you-owe-me-one favor(s).

Last edited 10 months ago by Harrison Pendleton
10 months ago

And they don’t realize they are just tools used by others. When they are starving, they’ll wonder why help doesn’t come. But where should it come from when you have destroyed those who bring it? Stupider and stupider.

10 months ago

The Great Reset has already happened. It happened when the majority of humanity lined up and voluntarily committed suicide via injection. Now, all that remains is for the mass of the herd to die off, and they will. It’s sad. I am not happy about it. Think. Unvaxxed people MUST NOT interbreed with those who took the shot – or their children. This is going to be difficult, but necessary. The vaxxed are genetically altered. Remain Pureblooded. Your children will thank you.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
10 months ago
Reply to  jizmo

Not the ‘great reset’ but the great tribulation prophesied by Christ.