BLM Protests Killing of Man Shooting at Woman and Police


Arabella Foss-Yarbrough and her two children, ages 2 and 4, survived shooter Andrew Tekle Sundberg who repeatedly shot into their apartment and later shot at the police. Black Lives Matter (BLM) is protesting because a police sniper took him down.

Andrew Sundberg

After a six hour standoff with Sundberg shooting into Yarbrough’s apartment and shooting at them, police shot and killed him.

The shooter was black. It didn’t matter to BLM that he was shooting up this woman’s apartment with her and her two children inside.

“My kids have to deal with this and probably have a mental illness now because they almost lost their lives. There’s bullet holes in my kitchen because he sat in the f-ing hallway watching me move,’ the single mother said. “He tried to kill me in front of my kids.”

Police helped evacuate her and as they tried to evacuate the building, they came under fire. After six hours, a sniper shot the would-be killer.

Ms. Foss-Yarbrough lost her job after the standoff, and a GoFundMe was set up on her behalf. One was set up for the shooter too.

Sundberg had been “harassing and stalking her for months,” Fox News reports.

BLM Supports the Killer

BLM came out protesting on Sundberg’s behalf because the police shot and killed him.  The protesters didn’t care about the poor woman and her children who were terrorized.

“I have black children, I am a woman of color! if I would have lost my life, would you guys do this for me?” she asked as they loudly protested.

BLM also doesn’t care about all the black people dying in big cities at the hands of black criminals. They only care when a cop, especially a white cop, shoots a black criminal or someone thought to be a criminal.

BLM is a good example of the cultural rot in our society.

BLM said Sundberg was going through a mental health crisis so they demand to know why police didn’t take him alive. For them, shooting at a woman and her two children and the police are not enough.

The Star Tribune was sympathetic towards the shooter and promoted the BLM protest.

The parents of the shooter keep telling the public that the police didn’t allow them to talk with their son, but here is dad talking to his son.


The real victim, Ms. Yarbrough tried to get the protesters to go home but they turned around and mocked her. Some told her to “shut up.” When she said there are bullet holes in her kitchen, one protester snarked, “Not in you though.”

BLM cares about nothing but this one issue. They don’t want to see black criminals shot by police – ever.

People in Black Lives Matter are fine examples of the cultural rot in Minneapolis.

The GoFundMe for Sundberg’s family says, “His life was taken too soon by the Minneapolis Police Department.” Relatives have retained ‘civil-rights lawyer’ Ben Crump who gets big payouts for black criminals’ families.

Ms. Yarbrough was terrorized and distraught. Her children were terrorized and BLM mocked her. She tried to explain what Sundberg did to her, but they didn’t care.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Looks like the BUFFOONS LOVE MURDERS didn’t read the democrats’ issued script well enough and missed a few lines.

Last edited 1 year ago by Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Black Lives Matter and AntiFa should be labeled Terrorist Groups.

1 year ago

I hate when white people join black protests. Those blacks still hate you because you are white.