The Great Story Joe Biden Has to Tell on the Economy


Democrat Rep. Katie Porter says Joe Biden has a terrific story to tell on the economy. Is she referring to the inflation, the faltering dollar, high gas prices, what?

Larry Kudlow commented on Bidenomics recently:

He [Joe Biden] says he wants to stop all drilling on the coasts and the Gulf of Mexico. But the courts got in the way.  Actually, he just wants to stop all drilling. Period. In fact, Bidenomics is really just a ploy to destroy American energy.

If you think about it, Russia, China, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, who all contributed to the Biden family coffers, are all producers of fossil fuels: coal, oil and gas.  Why not let them do it? That’ll help bury American national security altogether, wouldn’t it? All for $30 million bucks. It’s a pathetic story.

It truly is a “pathetic story,” but don’t burst Katie’s bubble:

It seems Nancy Pelosi has a great story to tell as well. She helped rescue us from The Great Depression. Who knew?

She’s amazing and so is he.

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