The Gun Killed Two Innocent People? Update


Update: The killer was a roommate of Sam Knopp’s. The two victims were shot at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs’ Crestone House residence. Colorado Springs Police Chief Adrian Vasquez on Tuesday morning confirmed to NBC News that suspect Nicholas Jordan, 25, of Detroit, was the roommate of victim Samuel Knopp, a senior at the school.  Montgomery was studying culinary arts.


Detroit man Nicholas Jordan, 25, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder. He appears to have assassinated Celie Rain Montgomery, 26, a mother of two, and Sam Knopp, 24. The killer shot them both in the head.

The two murdered young people came from Colorado.

Ceie Montgomery was a copywriter and not a student at the school, but Sam Knopp was a gifted music student.

Oddly, they didn’t mention what Mr. Jordan does for a living.

Nicholas Jordan

Knopp’s mother, Amy, was concerned when she hadn’t heard from her son Sam. She wrote on Facebook, “I haven’t heard from Sam. He lives in Alpine Village, Where residents were told to shelter in place. The campus is in lockdown and is now closed today.”

Celie Montgonery and Sam Knopp with his mother Amy

“PLEASE EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE BUT IT’S GODDAMN GUNS. This hits way too close at home, and it makes me want to vomit. All the thoughts and prayers in the world mean nothing without that action to back them up.”

She later found out her son was murdered.

No motive was given, but we do know the human is the one responsible, not the weapon used. It’s a horrible tragedy, and our heart goes out to the families, but unless we deal with the real reason these innocent people were murdered, nothing will be solved.

We need to stop lying and blaming guns.

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