The Harvard Genius Who Physically Harassed a Jewish Student


The student who harassed an innocent Jewish student just walking along the promenade at Harvard is the Editor of the Harvard Law Review. He was canvassed for high-level jobs. Perhaps some or all of those offers will disappear. Ibrahim Bharmal is also the Vice President of one of the groups that signed that horrendous pro-Hamas letter immediately after the October 7 massacre of families and young celebrants.

Jordan Schachtel reports that Ibrahim Bharmal interned for CAIR, where he “worked to support Muslim communities in New York who have endured civil rights discrimination.” CAIR was founded as a Hamas front group, so this isn’t exactly shocking to those of us who know its true origins, Schachtel says.

Ibrahim Bharmal
Ibrahim Bharmal

This man is a racist and should not be hired as a lawyer. The president of Harvard sent a letter for the file after this behavior. That’s all she did was send letters.

There is ZERO anti-Muslim or Arab hatred on campus, so don’t believe those lies.

Bring these university presidents before Congress and publish the names of these radicals who hurt Jewish kids. It’s the right thing to do.

On Greta today, Alan Dershowitz said the former Communist-Nazi-Hamas front organization, the National Lawyer’s Group, condemned Israel after the massacre. Let’s call them before Congress. Dershowitz noted that Black Lives Matter Chicago blamed the Jews.

These are our future leaders.

These young bullies then tried to claim the Jewish boy was not harassed and they had been bullied. The best defense is a good offense? These young people need to be shamed or they will go through life as dirtbags. Intelligence or book smarts is meaningless if you don’t have good character.

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