Lou Dobbs Gets His First Big Job Offer


OANN’s CEO Robert Herring tweeted a job offer to Lou Dobbs. He told him he would be free of censorship with full support from upper management. That’s risky! I don’t understand why they offered it on Twitter though. Lou’s contact information is on the Dominion lawsuit. He wouldn’t be hard to contact.

For now, he is still under contract with Fox News.

Someone asked Bill O’Reilly why Fox fired Lou and he said because they don’t want him anymore. That’s certainly true.

Lou is 75. Maybe he will just retire, although that doesn’t seem in keeping with his nature. I imagine Newsmax would be interested in him also except he might get them sued.

As we reported, Lou has been not-so-subtly letting people know why he thinks he was fired by retweeting other peoples’ comments.

He’s retweeting it was because he is a truth-teller and is a threat to the cabal.

Seb Gorka said Fox is “toast, it’s gone,” and one Fox official said ‘Newsmax won.’ Fox is on suicide watch.

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