The Insidious Ideology of Anti-White-ism


If you’re white, you need to be ashamed, and the white family is the perfect example of white supremacy. That’s what you are to believe. It’s the insidious ideology of anti-White-ism. It’s the tactic Marxists use to push their agenda. They don’t care about racism. It’s not about that.

“When I was in college at California State University back in the early 2000s,” Mark Dice says in the clip below, “earning my Bachelor’s degree in Communication, twenty-something years ago, there was an entire class dedicated to criticizing whiteness, and my fellow classmates and I thought that it was just some pet project of a fringe white guilt-ridden Marxist professor.

“But anti-white-ism is at the foundation of many universities across America. There are tons of scholarly books attacking white people in American culture under the auspices of whiteness studies. They’re not books that normal people read. They’re college textbooks that students have to spend 1$00 or $150 on.

“If you’ve been to college, you know how expensive some of the books are, and sadly, the seeds of anti-white-ism that Marxists have been sowing for decades have sprouted across the country.”


“A professor at Fairfield University in Connecticut who taught entire courses on black lives matter and critical race theory says that any critical investigation into race should devote some time to the quote “problem that is whiteness.” Just being white is a problem. Now, the professor claims that whiteness is a specific power apparatus that exists at the expense of the displacement of black people and insists to be white in the United States is to be a perpetrator of this power apparatus.”

You have to listen to this to believe it. What Dice is saying is true – every word of it.

And about that replacement theory…

Senegal is a hellhole and we’re bringing it here.

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