The J6 Protester Who “Paraded” for Under a Minute Faces Prison


Daniel Goodwin was a protester on January 6, 2021. At 3:32 pm, long after the doors were breached, he walked into the Capitol through an open door. In under a minute, the police asked him to leave, and he did. For that, the DOJ tried to put him in prison for twenty years.

He is one of the DOJ’s “domestic terrorists.” Mr. Goodwin spent a year in home confinement. He now faces one year in prison.

More than 1,000 of those arrested simply paraded around.

Our justice system is a complete sham. We don’t have a justice system. Tucker is exposing it, only now he’s doing it incrementally.

This was such a fraud. He didn’t attack anything and is likely being charged because they didn’t like his posts. They claim he disrupted official business. In under a minute?

Watch how they described his “crime” is as bad as if he did attack people. I guess we have resurrected Lavrentiy Beria to run our FBI.

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