Portland Antifa calls for the abolition of the US, clergy applaud


Lilith Sinclair, a prostitute who is also a member of Antifa in Portland, called for the abolition of the United States. Everyone applauded, including clergy. Lilith is also an Afro indigenous non-binary. That’s not crazy at all.

How much more evidence do people need before they understand communists are trying to overthrow the government.

Keep in mind that Joe Biden says nothing against these lunatics nor do the rest of the Democrats. These are their people, their army.

Consider the Democrats in high office in Oregon from the governor to the mayor on down who aren’t angry with Antifa, but are infuriated with the US Marshalls protecting federal courthouses.

Antifa claims they are anti-fascist but they are themselves, violent fascists.

The US Marshalls are arresting the Portland Antifa at night when Antifa are active. They drive up in unmarked cars because If they didn’t, they would be attacked. They arrest the criminals. Antifa claims they are being kidnapped. That was trending on Twitter as #PortlandKidnappings. They put up selected clips trying to make it look like the police are abusing them. It’s pure communist propaganda.


They are using lasers, trying to hurt the agents.


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