The “Loony” Style Guide at MSU Basically Bans Words


According to information supplied by College Fix, Michigan State university is shutting down free speech by basically banning words in their style guide. It’s no different from burning books.

Their so-called “inclusive” style guide says you can’t use “female” because it reduces women down to their anatomy. “Sex change” is not as good as “gender transition.”

You can’t say “blacks,” “causasians,” “racial minority,” or “at risk.” Allegedly, they’re all derogatory and puts the onus on individuals instead of structures.

According to the WOKES, there is no-individual responsibility.

The section on disability deems all of the following terms “ableist”: “crazy,” “insane,” “bonkers,” “nuts,” “psycho,” “demented,” “senile,” “loony,” “lunatic,” “psychotic,” “addict,” “invalid,” “vegetable,” “paralyzed,” “lame,” “madhouse,” “tone-deaf,” “spazzing out,” “braindead” and “blindly.”

So, how are we supposed to describe the “psycho” “nuts” who go “bonkers” or the “senile” fool in the White House? How do we describe the “loony” “madhouse” that is now our nation under a “braindead” “tone-deaf” leadership?

You can’t say “special” any longer when referencing mentally limited people.

You see what they are doing, don’t you?

Self-described communist Prof. Bill Ayers, once an accused SDS terrorist, said youth and education are the key to the Left’s power.

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