The Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant: Investigating Trump for Violating the Espionage Act


The warrant is out and, according to Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, there is nothing unusual about the warrant. You can read it below. The warrant states that they are investigating Donald Trump for obstruction of justice in violation of the espionage act. It’s a broad, catch-all statute.

Alan Dershowitz, a civil libertarian, said on Newsmax this afternoon at 5 pm, that the raid undercuts the 4th and 6th amendments.

The government knew all about this and had a search warrant. That means they could have gotten the documents any time they wanted, Dershowitz said. He believes that they ultimately chose to raid to get an indictment against Trump [and win over the public].

As far as the documents listed as top secret, the President can declassify anything without a formal process, Newsmax guest Fred Fleitz said. It makes an indictment for this nothing more than foofoo dust. Trump’s team was negotiating with the government and the raid was uncalled for, concluded Dershowitz and Fleitz.

Fred Fleitz said the FBI over-classify to cover themselves and we need to find out what these documents are before making any judgments.

It’s important to note that the docments were safe.

The affidavit will include far more information, and it will be out soon in redacted form. The search warrant is what everyone expected.

Read the. Search Warrant:

Mar a Lago Search Warrant by New York Post

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