The Most Devastating News You’ll Hear About Illegal Immigration


The information from former border agent JJ Carroll in the clip below will devastate you because it surely is the end of the United States as we know it. He describes the destruction in four phases.

Phase One is to let everyone into the country, and it doesn’t end…,” JJ Carroll said. “It just continues on.”

“But Phase Two is bringing more foreign nationals into America under the guise of being sponsored.”

Mr. Carroll explained that sponsorship is “if I’m a natural, I’m a U.S. citizen or a green card holder. I’m allowed to sponsor my family members to come into America.”

There is a process in place for that, he said, but “what the Biden administration, through Mayorkas and the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), has done is they’ve labeled all of the millions of people that have been paroled in as legal residents, lawfully permanent residents.

“So now they’ve bestowed that title, which is they’re illegal aliens, you can call them parolees, asylum seekers, whatever. When these individuals come in, they get about 60 to 90 days to see an immigration inspector or immigration judge. They can’t see the immigration judge in New York City until 2032, California’s 2027, and beyond. They’re never going to see an immigration judge. So they go out of status and thus become illegal aliens. So, the USCIS has bestowed legal resident status on illegal aliens, so now illegal aliens can sponsor their family members to come into America.

Redacted interviewer Clayton Morris interjected and summarized. So illegal immigrants now have the legal authority to sponsor other illegal immigrants even though they’re not here legally, and they’re still waiting to see an immigration judge, which is pushed off by 10/15/20 years…

JJ agreed and continued. “So the Center for Immigration Studies dot org, one of their investigative journalists named Nayla Rush, did an article on this. And I agree with her completely because I’ve seen the stats. I know what’s happening.

“So the Biden administration has taken the countries of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela… they are now saying that those individuals from those countries that have been paroled into America are now legal residents and can bring all their family members just from those nations. However, there’s a cutout that says those illegal aliens from those CHNs can sponsor people or family members despite them being from those other nations.

“Meaning, if I’m from Venezuela but my family members are from Iran, I can bring that person in from Iran. I’m not subject to that. What’s even more malicious is USCIS has now designated temporary protective status TPS, DACA recipients, and deferred enforced deportation which is DD, those people, under those blankets. Those are all temporary – 18 months you can stay in America. They’ve deemed them as legal residents as well.

[Don’t forget that these people are not vetted and some of the worst people in the world come from these countries]

JJ explained that Biden published a dictate – an executive order – giving deferred enforced deportation coverage to 6,000 Palestinian illegal aliens [most Palestinians support Hamas and hate the US and Jews]. They are forbidden from being deported and can bring in family members living in Gaza and wherever.

Each of these can sponsor up to four illegal aliens. That is 40 million people if we’re talking ten million already here. They don’t have to fill out a doctrine of financial support. They can be freeloaders.” The elderly get full social security benefits [so kiss that system goodbye].

The NGOs are now the backstop for that.

“NGO’s are being paid for by the Biden administration in order to facilitate this. They’re making enormous amounts of money, and this is how the Biden administration gets away with it.”

JJ said that Catholic Charities is encroaching on $7 billion in tax dollars [to fund our destruction]. The United Way Jewish Family Service is another NGO. They use the money to “bring illegal aliens into our country that they sponsor.

They are all given Social Security numbers. [That is what you need to vote]

Phase Three, and you’re going to start to hear it real soon, is the drum beat, coordinated drum beat between Republicans, Democrats, and the media, that the system is broken… we need amnesty.

The Fourth Phase is amnesty for at least 50 million people.

Read JJ’s book Invaded: the Intentional Destruction of the American Immigration System.  [Communist] Barack Obama opened the floodgates.


via Kanekoa, and Redacted Inc

It is a planned communist/fascist invasion to destroy the United States.

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