The Most Horrifying Story You’ll Hear


I couldn’t bring myself to publish this story sooner because it makes me sick. At least seven child perverts raped two little boys, ages 2 and 3, on two different occasions. They taped it and put it online.

They raped the toddlers in the Galleria Mall bathroom in Texas. Arthur Hector Fernandez, 29, a kiosk worker at the Galleria Mall in Houston, is charged with assaulting the toddlers and then posting the videos online.

The videos were found on the dark web. The main perpetrator was a friend who worked at the mall and offered to watch the children while they worked.

It was even worse than gang rape, with verbal abuse.

They should get the death penalty. Fernandez is the only criminal identified.

According to a federal criminal complaint obtained by KPRC 2, 29-year-old Arthur Hector Fernandez III may have recorded one of those videos in a public bathroom at the shopping center.

The details in the complaint are graphic and disturbing.

Fernandez is the only subject identified and arrested at this time, but according to the complaint, up to six other people were seen participating in the sex acts or in the background of the videos.

“In the video in which (victim) is present, it appears that it was taken in a public bathroom because (victim) is seen lying on a changing table. The Galleria Mall has public restrooms, private stalls, and changing tables,” the complaint reads.

People should give this some thought as they consider our borders are wide open, and agents see a constant flow of child sex trafficked with very young children – two and three years of age.

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MG Kent
MG Kent
1 month ago

ALL convicted pedo’s should be executed immediately. No more prison time only immediate execution upon conviction with no appeals.

1 month ago

Thats what the death was made for. They need to use it much more often.

1 month ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Death (penalty) missing word.