“The Most Serious Accusation…Levied Against a US President”


Joe Biden is sending another $40 billion to Ukraine. Maui is on fire, people died, our borders are wide open, our debt is unsustainable, and he’s pushing us toward nuclear war. Do you ask yourself why? Vivek thinks he knows why.

Dr. Jordan Peterson reposted Mr. Ramaswamy’s comment and linked to a video, saying, “This is simply the most serious accusation I have ever heard levied against a sitting (or former) US president.”


“The fact that we’re sending hundreds of billions to Ukraine without Biden even once articulating why it advances U.S. national interests reeks of corruption. It’s now fair game to ask whether the geopolitical disaster known as Hunter Biden has something to do with it. The bipartisan establishment, from @GovChristie to @NRO to @MSNBC, is attacking me for even asking the question. But just think independently for a moment.

“We’ve already fulfilled our obligations to Ukraine pursuant to the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, yet we flagrantly violate James Baker’s 1990 “not one-inch” commitment to Gorbachev. We’re depleting U.S. military resources to dangerously low levels that we need in other conflict situations. We’re going out of our way to use U.S. military resources to defend an invasion of someone else’s border when we’re doing absolutely nothing to stop the cartel-aided invasion across our own southern border right here at home. This makes absolutely no sense until you recognize that the very nation receiving those hundreds of billions of taxpayer resources is one of the most corrupt nations on planet Earth — who also paid millions to Hunter Biden.

“The compliant media say the $5 million bribe still hasn’t been definitively proven, but it’s undisputed that Hunter received millions for sitting on the board of Burisma when he has zero expertise & that he involved his father in conversations with board members of a company whose owner was tied to Ukraine’s national security apparatus. It’s shameful that even most Republicans behave like puppets hiding from these facts, but I will NOT comply.”

Vivek Ramaswamy

“We are actively spending hundreds of billions of dollars of US taxpayer money, now sending military equipment, potentially marching closer to nuclear war to protect an invasion against somebody else’s border, when we can’t even protect against the invasion on our own southern border.

“So this is a clear and present issue relating to national security now that I believe could be very well related to making good on a bribe of the president’s son. That absolutely, that is the relevant question we should be talking about.

Host Dan Abrams took exception to the tying it to Hunter Biden, saying there is no evidence.

[The evidence is bank drafts showing funds from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan going into Biden accounts.]

Vivek explained that this was the basis for an impeachment, the second impeachment of the 45th president of the United States.

“ … I think it should be credible, and I understand where you’re coming from because that’s the mainstream narrative. …let me give you a hard piece of evidence that you will remember as a reporter. Let’s not forget that that same scandal was the basis for the second impeachment of the 45th president of the United States, the relationship of supposedly pressuring Ukraine to suppress this investigation or promote this investigation was the basis for an impeachment. So Hunter Biden has been a geopolitical disaster. …already those behaviors have resulted in the impeachment of a former U.S. President.”


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Peter Prange
Peter Prange
3 months ago

Vivek’s clear thinking is the reason he is now being portrayed by some as a corrupt Wall Street Hustler. He, a clear thinking successful business man like Trump, and like Trump not beholden to political pressures, nor a member of the swamp, like Trump is a real threat to the swamp. Such an attack was made in an article from a supposed conservative site that pays for an ad at this site just a few days ago,

M. Dowling does not control the sites who advertise on this site.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 months ago
Reply to  Peter Prange

Trump is the focus but that doesn’t mean nobody else will be a target of mud slinging the swamp if their campaigns get traction. I don’t know a much about Perry Johnson but he’s being attacked as well. And none of them had better think they can work with Democrats or will be accepted by Democrats if nominated. Juan MexiCain found that out in 2008.