Biden Worries About Threats to Democracy


Joe Biden is delusional. He sat down with ’60 Minutes’ and he made little sense during a puff interview. The interviewer never questioned a word Biden said. He is a serious threat to democracy. Democrats and the Uniparty are serious threats to democracy.

In the first clip, he worries about threats to democracy.

“That’s why I think I want the change increase let’s focus on the fundamentals here. That democracy, literally, our democracy is at stake, and, and it’s by altering the institutional structures that protect it, and, and I think that I think we’re in real trouble if that’s not the case.”

It doesn’t look like Joe Biden is going to make it to 2024. We know that Democrats will put anyone into his spot with little regard for the country, and an intense hatred for half the country. The Uniparty will let it happen.

He froze up here.

In this clip, Biden he said he wants Democrats to force people into conversations.

“We should be engaging people more in, and not be worried about our neighbor. Talk to him, sit down and say, ‘What do you think?’ Well, I, I’m, not getting in arguments but say this is what, you say this, but how about this. Force people to get it in the two-way conversation, but it’s hard.”

“The speech I recently made on democracy. I made about four major speeches on democracy initially. With notable exceptions, people thought, what’s Biden talking about here? Well, you know that has shown that over 60% of American people they were worried, too, and that’s one of the reasons why 2020 turned out the way it did, 2022 turned out the way it did. And so I think it’s important that for to give people some hope.”


He claims blue-collar Americans are afraid of change and then jumps to Nixon in 1972.

In this clip, he said Elon Musk buying Twitter made it so Americans have no notion what is true or not.

During the interview with ProPublica, released on Sunday, Biden seemed concerned about misinformation on online platforms, and specifically mentioned X.

He said, “Yeah, it does look one of the things that I said to you when I thought I wasn’t going to run. I was going to write a book about the changes taking place. And most of this directed over the years with these fundamental changes in society by changing technology, Gutenberg printing, and the printing press changed the way Europeans could talk to one another all the way to today. “

He appears concerned about not being able to censor people without saying that’s what he thinks.

He thinks his globalist policies destroying the country are “overwhelmingly popular with the American people.”

He can’t figure out why people think his policies are “extreme.”

Biden again blamed half the country for problems and claimed MAGA Republicans don’t want “to uphold the rule of law.” This is as he breaks every immigration law and others.

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