Gaetz Responds to Report House GOP Wants to Expel Him


House GOP members are preparing a motion to expel Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., amid his renewed threat to pursue a motion to vacate House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

They’re hoping an Ethics Committee report will come back with findings of guilt.

Matt Gaetaz responded:

The House Ethics Committee has been investigating Gaetz since 2021 on allegations, including campaign finance violations and claims of taking bribes and using drugs – accusations the congressman has vehemently denied. Gaetz also denies allegations leaked from a Justice Department sex trafficking probe said to have involved an underage girl.

One Republican House member told Fox Digital, “No one can stand him at this point. A smart guy without morals.”

It takes a two-thirds vote to expel. And Republicans are down to 433 members. It’s unclear where things stand with federally indicted Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y. If you were to have members expelled, retire, or die, the majority could be right on the edge for the GOP.

Gaetz appeared on CNN Sunday morning and confirmed he planned to file a motion to vacate Kevin McCarthy from the speakership.

McCarthy said he’ll survive, and this is personal with Matt.

This comes after Gaetz blew McCarthy’s cover. McCarthy made a side deal with Democrats over Ukraine until the CR was passed while pretending he was serious about cutting Ukraine funding.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote on X: The majority of the majority does not support haphazardly funding war in Ukraine, and it was proven this past week when 117 Republicans voted against a stand-alone $300 million to Ukraine. We elected our Speaker, not the Democrats, and our Speaker should not violate the Hastert Rule.

Some conservatives believe the more liberal Republicans want to break up the Freedom Caucus so the Uniparty can work smoothly.

On CNN, Gaetz insisted it is not personal.

“This isn’t personal, Jake. This is about spending,” Gaetz said Sunday. “This is about the deal Kevin McCarthy made. If Kevin McCarthy didn’t want to keep the deal to return to pre-COVID spending, if he didn’t want to keep the deal to have single subject spending bills, not vote for government spending all up or down at once, then he shouldn’t have made that deal. So this is about keeping Kevin McCarthy to his word. It’s not about any personal animus.”

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