The Musk-DeSantis Launch Failed at Takeoff


Gov. DeSantis announced his campaign for President of the United States with general talking points in a short clip. Nearly half a million people couldn’t hear much of the DeSantis-Musk discussion. There were too many people, and the technical issues were constant. It kept crashing Twitter Spaces.

The interview was mired in technical issues as the Florida governor prepared to announce his presidential run.

“The servers are straining somewhat,” Musk told an audience of nearly half a million listeners at a Twitter Spaces hosted on Wednesday. Users reported several glitches while listening. We will hear about how Mr. Musk fired 80% of his staff.

The recording is supposed to be up for 30 minutes after the broadcast, but I could only get it piecemeal. I wondered if someone had sabotaged them.

“DeSaster” is trending on Twitter.

This is pretty funny, but Musk isn’t going to endorse anybody. He had RFK Jr. on Spaces also. It’s good for business.

I read that his slogan was going to be “never give up,” now it seems like ‘great American comeback.’

This next clip is an interesting discussion on Value Entertainment with Seb. Gorka, a strong Donald Trump supporter. Gorka feels DeSantis lacks character. As an example, he said DeSantis backtracked on Ukraine, and he wouldn’t come out strongly against the raid of the former president’s home.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
9 months ago

DeSantis has a big problem, it is not marketing, it is his incredibly bad decision, influenced by the elitist powers, to abandon his governor job, and to disloyally challenge Trump.

A huge contributor to Obama, Griffin (the major cash bundler for Obama), is on the DeSantis team. He just got done supporting far leftists for Illinois governor. Griffin does not fund conservatives.