The New Progressive Democrat Slogan: Trump Is a Dictator


The hardcore progressive Democrats have decided that the way to go is to depict Donald Trump as a dictator when, in fact, the current administration is exactly that. This administration runs the government via executive orders, regulations, and rules.

Since Donald Trump ran the administration like a traditional president, they can’t provide evidence, so they simply make it up. The poor man just wants to save America.

The Rolling Stone today said on day one, Mr. Trump will give himself sweeping powers:

Donald Trump plans to give himself sweeping powers on “day one” of a new administration include sending vast numbers of U.S. troops — potentially “hundreds of thousands” — to close the southern border and to help build a new network of immigrant detention camps, three people familiar with the situation tell Rolling Stone.

Trump and some of his lieutenants have repeatedly stated that any second administration must treat migrant crossings as a “war” on American soil. During Trump’s first term, officials and attorneys had thwarted similar plans for a military police force at the border due to legal fears, according to former top officials such as Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

Esper is on record lying, and he is anti-Trump.

This is the comment that led to the day one scenario:

The pen and phone guy is the dictator. He always had an excuse, and he is still behind the curtain in the Oval Office.

Here is a compilation of desperate anti-Trumpers trying to convince people Donald Trump is everything from a dictator to Hitler to a madman. They’re either certifiable or liars or both:

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2 months ago

Ever notice how progressives are always projecting a mirror image of themselves when they criticize others. I think that’s from being self-centered. They have no analytical discretion or power to reason.

2 months ago

Maybe Trump needs to do exactly what they say to save our country!