The Ominous Migration


The people coming into our country should terrify Americans. Almost all are coming from communist and other totalitarian nations.  Not all are coming to escape the ideology, and some bring their learned leftist values unwittingly.

Agents have been caught. Some are let out of prisons and mental asylums. Dictator Vincent Maduro of Venezuela has aided this invasion financially. The communist/globalist UN is funding it, reportedly with USAID. How do you think this ends?

Why do politicians and corporations want these people? They have to know who they are. Forgetting bad actors, it’s not possible to maintain who and what we are with unfettered mass migration. That’s what some of our leaders want.

The Black Lives Matter organization, a violent, communist group, has ties to dictator Vincent Maduro, President of Venezuela. Opal Tometi cofounder of Black Lives Matter is a friend of the Venezuelan dictator.

Anonymous people come from at least 160 nations. They don’t all love us.

Look at who just came from Juarez:

Nearly 22,000 Russians came illegally last year. Do you think there might be a spy among them or people trying to change us politically? How about among these Chinese illegal aliens? Does this strike anyone as ominous and dangerous?

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
11 months ago

Imagine Poland or Denmark or France in 1938 letting in millions of German illegals , calling them “refugees who need our generosity” and imagine their media saying that ” we must take them in ! it is the humane thing to do ! ”

and then 1939 happens, Hitler starts the invasion…with help from millions of German ” refugees” already inside the borders.

The west is ruled by insane leftists who are so irrational I would not let them run a hotdog stand.

We are doomed…unless someone figures out a way of stopping the left from controlling almost every institution from the education system, the immigration, the judicial, the media, big tech, the banks and pretty much everything else you can of.

if nothing changes we are doomed.

11 months ago

The browning of America is well under way. Look at the culture of having mixed marriage and mixed relationships. Just look at your TV commercials where almost every couple is mixed. This is not by accident. White people are committing a slow suicide around the planet. I don’t know why because we created modern civilized society.