The Pope Hosted a Marxist-Christian Chat for the “Common Good”


Pope Francis, who said he is not a communist, hosted a Marxist [Communist] Christian dialogue at the Vatican and praised cooperation in “promoting the common good.” The Pope appears to be bringing the church closer to Marxism as they look for a “common ethic.”


Pope Francis met with representatives of the Dialop Transversal Dialogue project, an initiative that invites socialists and Christians to work for a common ethic and invites them to build a better future for our polarised world.


Having the courage to break the mold means “opening up, in dialogue, to new ways.”

“In an era marked at various levels by conflicts and disagreements, let us not lose sight of what can still be done to reverse the course,” he said.

“Against rigid approaches that divide, let us cultivate confrontation and listening with an open heart, without excluding anyone, at the political, social, and religious levels, so that the contribution of each one can, in his or her concrete peculiarity, be positively accepted in the processes of change to which our future is committed,” Pope Francis exhorted.


Pope Frank needs to retire. He praised the cooperation. Marxists want to destroy our belief in God and make the State supreme. Someone needs to tell Pope Frank.

I don’t want to find a new religion, just a new Pope.

The pontiff spoke Thursday to an audience representing DIALOP transversal Dialogue Project, a group that describes itself as fostering “the dialogue of good willing persons, with secular and religious backgrounds, especially between Socialist/Marxists and Christians.”

“I am pleased to welcome you, the representatives of DIALOP, who for many years have been committed to promoting the common good through dialogue between Socialists/Marxists and Christians. A fine program!” said Pope Francis.

Pope accepted the communist cross from Evo Morales  years ago.
Maybe the Red Pope is naïve, but he is pushing his leftist organizations to aid and abet illegal immigration throughout the world.

Some people will think this a good idea, but when he talks about cooperation with Marxists and the common good, he’s into totalitarianism.

“The measure of a civilization can be seen by how the most vulnerable are treated,” Pope Francis said. “Let us not forget how the great dictatorships we think of Nazism discarded and killed those who were most vulnerable: the poor, the unemployed, the homeless, immigrants, the exploited, and all those whom the culture of waste turns into refuse. This is one of the most terrible things.”

He thinks illegal immigration is the way to transform civilization. Aiding and abetting child and women sex and labor trafficking, drug dealing, and putting out welcome mats for terrorists and criminals is a great idea. It’s not a great way to help the needy he says he cares about.

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Notice: This was part of a two-part article, but we broke it up in the interest of brevity.

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1 month ago

# FOPE!!

Ben Colder
Ben Colder
1 month ago

The so called pope is a communists no matter what he says if he were not he would not be pushing for the communist agenda. He more than anyone should know that the communists are God hating two faced bastards. Communists are anti religion the only religion they believe in is the all powerful communist state which becomes a god for them. I think this old fool will not be much longer for this world if he keeps pushing the communist idea that is just my opinion .

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago
Reply to  Ben Colder

Harsh, Ben! Very Harsh!
But then the truth often seems so to the deceived and deluded when their realize they have been fooled.