The Shooting on the New York City Subway


A man who disarmed his assailant on a New York subway train on Thursday and shot him in the head with his own gun isn’t facing any charges, the Brooklyn district attorney’s office has announced.

“The investigation into this tragic incident is ongoing,” said DA spokesman Oren Yaniv on Friday, “but, at this stage, evidence of self-defense precludes us from filing any criminal charges against the shooter.”

They are still investigating the woman who was with him who stabbed the black man twice in the back with an object. The black man was on top of the Hispanic man at the time.

Now, they need to let Daniel Penny go. Oh, wait, he’s white.

The Story

The black man, 36-year-old Dajuan Robinson, was standing and hovering in a threatening way over seated 32-year-old Younece Obuad and issuing a stream of threats and racial hatred for several minutes.

“I’ll beat you up…fuck you…fuck your kind…fuck your race…do something about it…”

Robinson seemed to be anti-migrant. “You think you’re gonna beat up cops?” he asked repeatedly.

The New York Post notes that a woman in the video can be heard saying, “He thinks you’re a migrant, he thinks you’re an immigrant.”  At some point, she stabs Robinson in the back twice with something as he is on top of the Hispanic man punching him.

Eventually, Obuad stands up and takes a fighting stance.

Someone broke up the fight, and Robinson pulled out a gun. At some point, someone, apparently Obuad, grabbed the gun and shot Robinson. Three more shots rang out.

Passengers, including whoever took the video, ran to the back of the car screaming. Four shots can be heard in total.

Some videos are truncated, so it looks like the black man was the victim, but he was the aggressor. He is hospitalized in critical condition, allegedly shot in the head.

This is the full video:

You can watch the video of the aftermath on this link. It is a case of self-defense. So why is Daniel Penny facing 15 years in prison for manslaughter for protecting people on a train? Is it racial?

There is no difference between this case and that of Daniel Penny’s.

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