The Simple Truth Is Freedom of Speech


  The Simple Truth Is Freedom of Speech


There is no simpler truth than free speech. It allows us to get to the truth, to grow, and learn. With the advent of the Internet, we should have access to an infinite world of information to help us learn, grow, rule out, and defy. As the Internet and blogs gave everyone a voice, authoritarians grew, filtering and denigrating any thoughts they found unacceptable, including reasonable arguments, controversial scientific findings, crime, race, and truths about war, borders, and the economy. The words “misinformation” and “disinformation” joined the lexicon and have come to mean anyone who disagrees with governments and corporations in power and their armies of screamers canceling innocent people.

Governments, organizations, and media often ignore or crush inspiration that deviates from supporting their beliefs or agendas. Rather than viewing differing political, social, or scientific opinions as an opportunity for debate, growth, and understanding — words are manipulated by autocrats, centurions at the gates, and opportunists.

Every country in the world now marginalizes, vilifies, and screams down brilliant and exemplary speakers.

The Internet was meant to be free and is now a tool to demonize, dehumanize, shun, and even call for violence against political, scientific, mathematic, history truth seekers, and parental opponents.

Go search for fact-checkers and misinformation on the Internet, and it explodes with millions of biased choices aimed at silencing people with whom the government and corporations disagree. A specialty is infinite prioritizing, so seekers of truth must search to the furthest reaches of the Internet.

Indeed, President Biden has been a leader in destroying free speech. He now calls for voting out every single Republican. It is a dictator’s call for a one-party government. Watch this short clip:

There are times when violent rhetoric must be addressed, like Joe Biden’s speeches. That, too is a simple truth. But when speech is to inform and provoke thought, despite offending some, it must be free.

We are not free. People can’t read or say what they choose. There is no more truth without free speech, just lies. We are becoming a nation of liars.
It’s that simple.

Despots and rising authoritarian democracies ban reasonable questions about dogmatic pronouncements. Group-think mentality and the push for conformity are at dangerous levels. They are the weapons of self-serving leaders.

Authorities who demand compliance and only one way of thinking focus on dominating information for selfish and often evil purposes. It’s manipulation, and it’s evil.

Critics of the State raising questions face de-platforming, deletion, or shadowbanning. The elites want to maintain all the power without question. They want absolute power.

Without free speech, we become a world of obedient slaves. The manipulators begin with the vulnerable and never stop.

There is no better world without free speech. That is a simple truth.

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