NY Times Signals the End of the Starter Home for Single Families


The NY Times says the starter home is squeezed out. They are signaling its end. A recent article segues from there into the unaffordability of the single-family home. Many entry-level homes go for half a million dollars.

The Times notes that there aren’t enough of these small, no-frills homes. The article attributes some of the problem to student debt, keeping many from building equity.

Land costs are a problem, having risen steeply due to construction costs, government fees (taxes), are regulations.

“You’ve basically regulated me out of anything remotely on the affordable side,” said Justin Wood, the owner of Fish Construction NW.

“It’s not that I don’t want to build entry-level homes,” said builder Jerry Konter, the chairman of the National Association of Home Builders. “It’s that I can’t produce one that I can make a profit on and sell to that potential purchaser.”

Additionally, investors are buying up entry-level homes, taking them off the market so they can rent them at exorbitant rates.

It is my opinion that all of the problems stem from poor government policies and greedy corporations. These problems could turn around easily with different leaders. What do you think?


The Times’ solution coincidentally aligns with that of the NWO World Economic Forum which has quickly moved into our lives into every area of our lives.

The simplest way to put entry-level housing on increasingly expensive land is to build a lot of it — to put two, three, four, or more units on lots that for decades have been reserved for one home.

The outcome would look more like housing built a century ago, with more duplexes, more rowhouses, more homeowners adding their own rental units.

“We need to shift our culture away from this dependency on single-family detached housing, and thinking it’s the only solution,” said Daniel Parolek, an architect and author of a book on “missing middle” housing.

You will own nothing and be happy.

In an article at National Review Online, Stanley Kurtz describes what was once considered a conspiracy theory – Agenda 21, now Agenda 2030 – only it’s not called that now.

It’s called the“Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” Act (AFFH), and if your municipality takes money from the federal government, you will be forced to obey. Every town, every village, and every small city will lose its sovereignty and become subject to the rule of centralized mega-cities.

Every region of the United States will be compelled to comply with this nationally engineered society. There will no longer be any autonomy for local governments. And there will be no starter homes for single families. You’ll be forced into high rises.

Since “fair housing” means it has to be near transportation, jobs, and schools, HUD can control all planning and development.

It means the end of local government. The only question is, how long will it take if our presidential candidates don’t grab onto this and stop it? We are letting agencies and unelected bureaucrats determine what our society will look like. We could all look like Chicago.

The only other option is for communities to not take federal funding. For many, it’s too late. Find out if your town is taking federal funds and if they are, organize your neighbors to stop it. The zoning for starter homes won’t exist.

It’s happening now under Joe Biden. You suburban ladies voting for Biden should know he’s destroying the single-family home. The core of the American Dream is the family home — home ownership. It is being destroyed through regulations, financial incentives, and greedy corporations.

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8 months ago

The problem is that most young people want to start at the same point that their parents worked a lifetime to achieve. We sure didn’t start out in a 4000 sq ft, 4 bedroom, 3 bath house. We started out in a 32 year old 12×64′ mobile home because that’s all we could afford at them time. Now I know NYC is different, BUT it’s no different than any other democrat run city. Expectorant prices, uncontrolled crime and drug use along with crippling poverty.

Last edited 8 months ago by Divia
8 months ago
Reply to  Divia

Great Point Divia. Here in the rural Deep South couples start out with a small mobile home on the corner of a parents property. They then work hard to buy a few acres of their own near by. Family and extended Family are still big here, at least among Red Necks. As the Family grows the couple gets a, double-wide, builds a house, or buys a cottage or even a large house on land in the area. Many people my age downsize to a 2 BR Cottage when they retire and sell “The Big House”.

Big City living is different. That is why there are so many Brain Damaged Liberals in Big Cities. How can you enjoy living with the Noise, the Crime, the Filth, and the expense of living in a big city? I know a lot of people here who work a month off shore then come back to the Farm or Ranch for a month. Some stay in an efficiency in the city during the week and come home on the weekends. We enjoy the space, the quiet, and the land that is rural America. Population density where I live is under 250 per square mile, there are more cows. There are places in NYC where the Density is 60,000 per square mile; that’s less than 465 sqft per person – total. No wonder Liberals are crazy! If people only need 400 sqft, then why do so many people dream of a 4000 sqft home on 10 acres for a Family of Four? Even retirees like me want acreage where I can walk the field, graze a cow or two, keep a hen house, grow a Victory Garden, install all the solar panels I would ever need, run the dogs, and entertain a couple dozen family and friends for a 4th of July barbecue!

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
8 months ago

NY Times is a leader and spreader of false news and all-around fakery. Live your lives as you see fit and believe nothing which the proven lefty lame liberal collaborators dish out about any matter. At the time appointed, that beltway the NY TImes is so infatuated with can get pretty dark and empty.

Last edited 8 months ago by Harrison Pendleton
8 months ago

N.Y.Times lives in its own belt way like environment detached from the real world.

8 months ago

To a Liberal in New York, a no frills Starter Home cost half a million dollars. In real America, i.e. a Red State, a half a million Dollars gets you 2500 to 3000 square feet on 40 to 100 acres. The Big Draw Back is instead of a 40th Floor Corner Office looking at the Building across the street, you get a view of a field full of cattle and wild life.

You can get this life style with a Two Year Trade School Education and working hard to start your own business. The people you employ can easily afford 1 to 5 acres with a 2000 sqft home. In Rural America a Starter home is 1600 to 2000 sqft, 3 or 4 Bedroom, but old people tend to downsized to around 1000 to 1200 sqft 2 Bedroom on 1 to 5 acres closer to town and a hospital.

Instead of spending $100 dollars a night at a bar, we have friends over and hang out around the Braai Pit cooking Steaks, drinking beer, and playing darts. Occasionally, we shoot skeet. Tipping cattle is just some stupid City Slicker Legend about Country Folk. Red Necks are smarter than City Folk. Red Necks know you can’t tip a cow that weighs over half a ton.

Then we are also a lot more self sufficient. We have a well for water, a generator if the Power goes out, and a wood pile for the cold winter nights. The wood comes from clearing the woods and making better habitat for wild life. We even have Satellite TV and Internet. More and more we are going completely off grid with Solar. Since I moved back to rural America, I can’t understand why I ever lived in the City. As a Tech, I could always find work anywhere!

An interesting fact is that in Liberal California and New York La-La-Land you have the most homeless people in the Nation. Down here in poor Conservative Mississippi we have the Least Homeless. So who has their priorities straight?

Francis W. Porretto
Francis W. Porretto
8 months ago

“We need to shift our culture away from this dependency on single-family detached housing, and thinking it’s the only solution,”

The language is a huge giveaway. “We need” — what do we need? The desire for a home of one’s own isn’t a need. “Dependency” — what’s going on here? There’s no dependency at issue. It’s something many people want for themselves, and will spend a lot of money to get it. “The only solution” — solution to what? Are we defining every human desire as a problem to be solved now?

This is all rhetoric designed to introduce the government’s nose into the matter — which would make things worse, not better, for the starter-home seeker. And yes, the globalists’ hands can be seen moving in the shadows.