Biden Tried to Imprison Jill’s Ex-Husband


Aside from all the lies Jill and Joe Biden tell about their love story, there is another story where Joe Biden’s corruption and penchant for revenge first reared its ugly head – if the story is true.

Jill Jacob Biden’s ex-husband Bill Stevenson came out with his story about the divorce and the corruption by Joe Biden last night.

Greg Kelly showed a clip of Joe and Jill discussing their love story and how they allegedly met. It’s a complete lie. They knew each other before, and they were friends with Joe Biden.


Her ex-husband explained the history. When she decided to divorce him. As a successful businessman, he paid for her college, including her master’s, set her up in a townhome, and gave her an expensive car, plus cash. They were only married for four years, and she cuckolded him with Joe.

What was new to me was how the federal government came after him and his brother when he crossed Joe Biden. Jill wanted a ridiculous amount of money and another home, and Mr. Stevenson felt he had given her enough.

Mr. Stevenson owns a legendary pub in Wilmington called the Stone Pub. They have all kinds of great music acts showing up there, like Bruce Springsteen and others. Mr. Stevenson showed Greg Kelly the court papers, and on April 21st, 1982, he and his brother became defendants over an 8,266 tax bill that Bill didn’t pay.

At the time, Mr. Stevenson was pulling in $30 million and wasn’t trying to cheat the government. His brother apparently took the fall, and the judge said, “I sentenced the wrong brother.”

The money owed was from the first quarter, which was January, February, and March, and then in April, he was charged with a felony. It was ridiculously fast.

Mr. Stevenson gave the background, which would indicate that Joe Biden was out to get him.

“We went to court because Jill turned down a $1,000,000 settlement from me. She was about 22 going on 23. We were only married four years. At that point, we’re in this vicious divorce trial. I turn around and try to make it as easy as possible for her…I give her her Corvette…provide a townhouse for her… I did everything I could to make sure that she was happy because I still cared about her, and to this day, I still care about her to be perfectly honest, and everybody around me knows that.

He Won Everything

“My problem is with Joe Biden. What he did was right before the divorce trial, he switches law firms to his old law firm, a gentleman named Melvin Manson. For three days, they bashed me in front of the IRS. they bashed me in front of the Department of Justice, and I said what in the world? And why is this happening?

“The bottom line is I won everything. I had given her quite a bit, and they ruled that her education at that point, which was her Master’s degree going on to the doctorate degree, that she had enough. She actually owed me a little bit of money at the end of the court thing.”

Their lawyer appealed, and there was also a battle over a home. The Bidens insisted he give them a home.

Brother Frankie and the Threat

Biden’s brother Frankie approached Mr. Stevenson and said give her the house, or you’ll have serious problems.

Two months later, Bill and his brother were indicted.

“I could not believe the power of Joe Biden and the Department of Justice. I couldn’t believe it – that I could be indicted for $8000. Now here’s the tragedy, my brother pleaded guilty. It broke us up forever. It’s just within the last month that we’re talking again. It broke my heart that he pleaded guilty. He took the fall, and in the newspaper, Judge Murray Schwartz turned around in the Wilmington News Journal and said, I sentenced the wrong brother, so I knew that there was something coming for me in the future.”

Mr. Stevenson said he is coming forward now because he sees what they’re doing to Donald Trump, and his story needs to be told.

The Unbelievable Story. Go to Newsmax TV for the entire segment.

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