The Strange Case of Robert Card


The Maine Medical Examiner’s office released a report on Friday of Robert Card, the mass killer who slaughtered people in a bowling alley and a bar. The Medical Examiner determined that Card was alive throughout the majority of the two-day manhunt while area residents were kept on lockdown. He likely took his own life eight to twelve hours before his body was found. No one knows what he was doing during his time on the run.

He died from one self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. His autopsy won’t be released without the family’s permission. We won’t know if he was on drugs unless they agree. The final report is not available yet.

His body was found in a trailer in the Maine Recycling Corporation plant’s overflow parking lot. He was recently fired from the company.

Records showed he had a history of mental health problems.

Robert Card
The AP reports:

Robert Card died from a self-inflicted gunshot that “likely” happened eight to 12 hours before the discovery of his body, based on a time-of-death analysis, officials said. The conclusion was announced a week after his body was discovered in the back of a tractor-trailer on the property of his former employer at a recycling center.

In the wake of the Oct. 25 shootings, which killed 18 people and wounded 13 more, tens of thousands of area residents sheltered at home behind locked doors as hundreds of law enforcement officers scoured the area looking for Card. He fled in a vehicle that was later found abandoned on a waterfront in a nearby town.

During that period, the entire area was described by reporters as looking like a “ghost town” because everyone was under shelter-in-place orders unless they were directly involved in the search. Despite numerous people calling into the tip line they established, officials can really only point to two definitive locations for Card during the period in question.

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