The Tragic Death of a Man Who Walked in the Capitol on J6


Matthew Perna, one of the January 6 protesters, committed suicide over the stress of the charges and enhancements that had recently been put on top of the charges. After Matthew killed himself, the prosecutor told the parents the enhancements to terrorism would have been dropped. It was too late for Matthew.

Matthew Perna, 37, committed suicide.

In the clip, you can see Matthew walking calmly alongside a police officer.

Mr. Perna killed himself after more than a year of abuse by the Biden Justice Department. Matthew hanged himself as he faced more than four years in federal prison for walking into the Capitol.

No politicians would help him, despite the fact that he did not hurt anyone or damage anything.

Matthew was there because he thought it was going to be a celebration. Instead, he lost his job, was tormented for over a year, and the DoJ kept adding infractions to add time to his sentence. He was afraid to leave his home.

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