The Trashy Wokes of Planet Fitness Hate Women & Girls


To protect the biological men who want to parade around nude in women’s private areas, Woke Planet Fitness abides by self-inflicted rules to protect confused and perverted men at the expense of the women.

Planet Fitness allows males in the women’s locker room, and their response to being exposed in one case was to revoke the membership of the woman who spoke out about it. They claim it was because she took photos. If you look at their rules, linked below, they would have done it anyway.

They’re trashy—very low class.

The latest incident wasn’t the first. A man in Georgia in September 2023 exposed himself to a minor, 15 years of age, in the women’s locker room. He had reportedly done it before. They didn’t do anything because he identified as a woman.

Exhibitionists are welcome at Planet Fitness.

You can read their rules on this link.

There is more on the link. They leave nothing to discussion. They are fully Woke.

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