The Truth of the Mariupol Hospital Bombing


There is a tremendous amount of propaganda coming out about the invasion of Ukraine. The Mariupol Hospital bombing has been a flashpoint for disinformation. See if you can figure it out. If you know the truth, let us know.

According to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, the maternity hospital in Mariupol was long emptied of patients, and workers. It was a base for the Azov Battalion. Allegedly, the Russians submitted data to the UN a few days before the UN meeting.

There have been several photos of the bombed-out hospital but only one contained a photo of a victim. The photo was of a young pregnant woman leaving the bombed-out hospital. The hospital is destroyed, but no other victims are seen.

The woman in the photos is a beauty blogger. The Russians claim she was a crisis actor.  The Ukrainians say she lives in Mariupol and there are photos of her with her husband Yuri and their new baby. They say she was at the hospital to deliver the baby.

Putin doesn’t belong in Ukraine regardless, but this should not be our fight. We should be concentrating on our problems, especially our open border.


The United Nations’ reproductive health agency announced Thursday that two other Ukrainian maternity hospitals had been attacked and destroyed before Russia’s strike on a facility in the southeastern city of Mariupol on Wednesday.

The hospital in Mariupol is “not the only one” that has fallen under assault, said Jaime Nadal, the Ukraine lead for the UN Population Fund (UNFPA).

“In Zhytomyr, the maternity (hospital) was completely destroyed. In Saltivsky, the maternity (hospital) was also destroyed,” he noted, speaking via videoconference with journalists in New York.

The UN official did not specify who launched the attacks on the other hospitals or if there were any victims.

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