The Two People Who Handled the Gun Before Giving It to Alec Baldwin

The set armorer responsible for the guns on the movie set where Alec Baldwin shot and killed a cinematographer is Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, an ex-model. She was reportedly in charge of overseeing the gun props. She is active on social media but deleted her pages.

The crew members who gave Alec Baldwin the prop gun have now been identified as Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and Dave Halls.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was listed on the set’s call sheet as the armorer during filming, making her the person in charge of overseeing the gun props.

Despite necessary safety requirements, the armorer set three prop guns on a cart outside the filming location.

Why were prop guns, at least one with live ammo, just left on a cart? Why do they need live ammo?

Assistant director Dave Halls was reportedly unaware that the prop contained live ammunition and indicated it was unloaded by referring to it as ‘cold’.

A search warrant revealed that Halls took the revolver from the cart and brought it inside to Baldwin, mistakenly believing it was unloaded.

The LA Times reported that Gutierrez-Reed could not be reached for comment.

According to Apple News, after the fatal shot was fired the affidavit states that the armorer was given the prop gun and then removed the spent casing (cartridges that have been fired) from the weapon before giving it to the police.

The female armorer is currently 24-years-old and the daughter of 78-year-old Thell Reed.

Thell Reed is an exhibition shooter specializing in fast draw, and a consultant to the movie industry as a veteran armorer, stuntman and extra.

Ms. Reed has expressed concerns about her ability as a set armorer.

Gutierrez-Reed had recently completed her first film as the head armorer for the movie The Old Way.

This was reportedly the third safety incident on the set. People raised the alarm, included the murdered woman Halyna Hutchins. One person sent a text message to the unit production manager, warning, “We’ve now had 3 accidental discharges. This is super unsafe.”

This is the set armorer:



  1. I have been shooting guns since my father started teaching me when I was was 9 years old (that’s 58 years ago). I’m a Vietnam-era Army veteran. I’m also a trained and licensed Concealed Carry Weapon holder. I’m more qualified to serve as a weapons consultant than everyone on that movie set combined. To leave even “prop” guns unattended is inexcusable. The “armorer” should have been replaced after the first safety incident! That there were 3 incidents and nothing was done is unfathomable! Somebody needs to go to prison.

  2. Anyone who has EVER been around guns of any kind knows that when you first pick it up or it’s handed to you by by ANYONE, the very first thing you do is check to see if it’s loaded – PERIOD! Even if you see someone directly check it, then hand it to you, the first thing is check it yourself. The fault is directly his.

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