This Is the’ Unbridgeable’ Asset the Left Has Over the Right

The money the Left has to control entertainment, media, universities, corporations makes “the power disparity between left and right…unbridgeable in absolute terms.”

It gives them tremendous power to run over everyone else.

The Left also has the spirit and work ethic.



  1. Yes, they have the looted,stolen bucks, but we have the guns. Once Patriots realize that the only justice will come out of the barrels of those guns the Left will be defeated and annihilated and their loot and stashes of wealth confiscated and distributed to the People who overthrew and defeated them.

  2. It’s foolishly naive when the RNC brag they hauled in 20 Million at some point. It means little when a single Billionaire can shell out Half a BILLION for ballot stuffing.

    If that isn’t bad enough, you have many MAGA grifting events that serve no useful purpose. It’s why I have no more use for those like Chamberlain, Cernovich and Posobiec, among others.

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