The Ugly Reality of Joe Biden’s Border – See for Yourself


The AP reported that millions of unvetted people come from over 100 countries. Mexicans are down to zero. They are sneaking across, which tells us that they are mostly criminals. That’s the ugly reality.

The border is a disaster with a non-stop invasion brought to you by Democrats. People are dying, and Biden doesn’t care at all. He DOES NOT care. He’s like a Roman tyrant. Caligula and Nero come to mind.

According to FAIR, about 5.9 million have slipped in so far under Biden’s lawless reign. The best estimate by Todd Bensman of the CIS is 6 million by 2024. Another Democrat gets into the presidency, and we’ll have 20 million. Gov. Abbott thinks we’ll have 20 million by 2024.

Here’s some more reality.

The racist Democrats are really angry that they finally have to share a small bit of the burden. It’s only hundreds while thousands cross into border states every day. Innocent people lured by Democrats are dying every day at the border or on their way to the border. Joe did that. These lunatics are ruining the Democrat Party and for normal Democrats to not speak up is nothing but destructive to them.

Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, told Fox News Digital that Republicans must prioritize border security if they win back the House. He called for Biden administration officials to be held accountable for the ongoing crisis.

Roy said Republicans’ legislative priorities should be finishing the construction of ​the Trump-era border wall and requiring “that we’re actually turning people away at the border unless they present papers, or they are being detained for the entirety” of their asylum claim process. Roy said it would be “a complete and total failure” if the party does not pursue such an agenda.

DC Democrats built a wall around the Capitol to protect themselves, but the peasants couldn‘t have a wall to protect themselves.

The Texas Republican also warned his GOP colleagues against getting “caught up” in the politics of immigration and said he supports the ongoing bussing of migrants to ​New York City and D.C. and Chicago.

“We deal with 8,000 across the Southwest border almost every day, 4,000 or more of those in Texas​,” Roy said. “Now they get a taste of what we have to deal with every day here in Texas.”

Biden also sent in unvetted Afghans. Afghanistan is filled with terrorists and lunatics, but, as we said, Biden doesn’t care. Even if terrorists don’t blow us up, they’ll negatively impact our society and politics. Democrats will radicalize them into their party.

This is the reality not being reported.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
4 months ago

Add that an (anonymous source) from NYC reports that the Soros-installed mayor Eric Adams and the non-elected Cuomo Klone governor Kathy Huckster Hochul have purposefully engaged in poisonong the tap water of low income residents with arsenic and Legionnaire’s Disease (think covid, monkeypox) which will also poison and kill off the masses of illegals shipped there by Joe Biden. While this may seem counter-productive to the Democrat Party it is not since they want these groups of people quickly exterminated for their land-grabs schemes to satisfy their hypergentrifying plans, as was done by racist former mayor and billionaire toad Michael Bloomberg. The illegal-importing by Biden was nothing more than a “show-and-tell”, a comical clumsy droopy-drawers farcical muscle-flexing attempt by Biden to downplay widespread reports of his longtime associations with the Ku Klux Klan hate group.

Last edited 4 months ago by Harrison Pendleton
4 months ago

A few Maligators can help with the rabbits jumping out of vehicles and darting.

4 months ago

Democrats know they are losing. They lost the 2020 Election and at the Last Minute, actually the middle of the night, had to do an “electronic” vote steal to win. The Evidence is Clear, but no Government is ever going to admit stealing an election and they are a Fraud.

Now, the Democrats are just trying to make a mess of everything so they clam everything the Republicans will fix is all because of Traitor Joe’s leadership. That’s the Democrat playbook.

Alej Marcos
Alej Marcos
4 months ago

Why in hell are they still called “migrants?”

Diseased, illiterate, criminal, terrorists in many cases, they are unwanted, dangerous INVADERS, and should be shot when they cross the center line of the river. America is becoming a garbage dump for Third World trash .

4 months ago
Reply to  Alej Marcos

Because they are migratory. Immigrants put down roots and assemilate into the community, become citizens and pay taxes. Immigrants are not the problem, migrants are. Hope this helps you to understand the difference.

Last edited 4 months ago by Freeland_Dave