The UN Dumps the Biden Pier


The UN isn’t sending food over Biden’s $320 million plus pier due to security concerns. According to the Pentagon just last month, the pier has not been a failure.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is temporarily pausing its food distribution operations from a U.S.-built pier in Gaza after its warehouses were hit by rockets, representing the latest blow to efforts to get humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip from the pier.

It’s not temporary. Nothing will get better.

The U.S. has spent some $320 million building the pier in the Mediterranean Sea to facilitate the delivery of aid into Gaza. But there have been chaotic scenes of hundreds of Palestinians looting aid convoys, and the structure has been battered by choppy weather.

According to U.S. Central Command, aid arrived at the pier on Saturday, and about 492 metric tons were delivered.

The looting is insane. Hamas grabs all of it.

The pier was built in an area with heavy winds and choppy water. Before the pier was built, reports said the temporary pier couldn’t sustain winds like this. And they were right!

Hamas bombed the pier, and then it broke apart in bad weather; some of it couldn’t be retrieved, and some sank. Whatever could be retrieved costs $15 million a day to take apart and then put back together.

Ships moored to it or trying to save the pier when it broke apart and beached.

However, you will be happy to know it’s not a failure.

Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh said that after the pier broke apart – the pier that lasted 12 days – was not a failure. That’s great news.

Rep. Gaetz doesn’t agree:

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