The View audience cheers a white nationalist


On “The View” Wednesday, the panel discussed a recent tweet by well-known white nationalist Richard Spencer.

“I deeply regret voting for and promoting Donald Trump in 2016,” Spencer wrote Tuesday night.

Spencer also tweeted a message to the “people of Iran,” saying, “There are millions of Americans who do not want war, who do not hate you, and who respect your nation and its history. After our traitorous elite is brought to justice, we hope to achieve peace, reconciliation, and forgiveness.”

He sounds like Michael Moore.

Co-host Joy Behar read the tweet and the audience cheered and applauded. As long as you reject Trump, the liberals like you no matter how crazy you are.

Spencer became famous when he organized the Unite the Right protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017. It became violent and a woman, Heather Heyer, was killed.

Richard Spencer is also known for his heil Trump speech and his proud self-characterization as alt-right. Kessler is famous for being a long-time leftist who supported the Occupy communist/socialist movement and voted for Barack Obama.

A left-wing former classmate of Spencer’s, Graeme Wood, interviewed him for the Atlantic. In the piece, he described his distaste for Spencer and his views, backing up much of it with quotes.

“The concerns of conservative Christians don’t interest him. He doesn’t mind gay marriage, and he favors legal access to abortion—partly to reduce the number of blacks and Hispanics,” Wood wrote. ‘Smart people are not using abortion as birth control … It is the unintelligent and blacks and Hispanics who use abortion as birth control,’ he said recently on’s YouTube channel. ‘This can be something that can be a great boon for our people, our race.’

This is their man.


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