The WEF Finds the Middle Class an Obstacle In Need of Pay Cuts


Some say the wealthy elitist members of the World Economic Forum don’t want the middle class to have power or too much money.

The elitists serve only themselves.

Klaus Schwab finds the middle class to be a force to reckon with. He sees us as an obstacle.

Biden is his pawn.

Chrystia Freeland, Trudeau’s Azov representative in his cabinet, might think the middle class needs a pay cut. We don’t have her entire speech, just a clip below, and we don’t know what point she was making, but whether it’s a prediction or what she wants to happen, it’s not good.

Freeland is the deputy prime minister of Canada and “serves” as the minister of finance. She knows full well what a “pay cut” will do to the middle class.

She’s referencing a “degrowth” vision of a future feudalistic world with them at the helm. We’re the serfs-to-be. Democrats seem to have bought into it.

As Democrats push this vision of the world with them while claiming they want the opposite, they are doing whatever it takes to make the rich richer and the middle class poorer with bad policies.

The World Economic Forum took advantage of the pandemic to increase its control over the people. They’re adeptly pushing vaccine passports, tracing, mandated shots, and lockdowns with global bodies in charge. They’re pushing for the abolition of farms and fossil fuels and are meeting a fair amount of success.

There is a reason Klaus Schwab “admires” the Maoist system and has included China in the WEF and its predecessor since 1978.

In May, a Bulgarian MEP said he believes national governments and states will be destroyed along with the middle class, as Schwab says in one of his books. Schwab’s predictions have a way of coming true.

Don’t believe what I say. Watch what they do. Listen to what they say. They’re becoming more confident, and as a result, they’re more open. Maybe they don’t have the power they think they do.

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Jam Beau
Jam Beau
14 days ago

I for one can sacrifice more for the Climate, Race Relations, and the WEF by making less money (or working for free), eating less (or nothing), and giving up automobiles, houses, camp fires, air travel, cigarette lighters, batteries, and whatever else they think is best for me.

Because they’re so smart, and so fabulously wealthy, they know better than I do how to live my life. In fact, my life becomes more meaningful the more they direct and control my life.

Why can’t everyone see this?

Reader mostly
Reader mostly
15 days ago

Jet set ruler vs jet refueler
This should be on pay-per-view.

15 days ago

Where I live, the Middle Class is becoming more self sufficient, expanding their Farming and Livestock operations. Farms are becoming more self sufficient, with private wells and solar power. If you have water, food, and power, what more do you need? Just Guns and Bullets which we already have. This allows us to expand our living standards and pay even less taxes because in a Red State we still control most taxes. The workforce is collapsing as people become Sole Proprietors working only for luxuries in an expanding underground economy. That’s why Democrats want 87,000 gun toting IRS Agents.

The part the Elite haven’t figured out yet is how to finance their Utopia. Their wealth is dependent on Government and if you break the backs of the Middle Class, you crash the Tax Base and the Governments implode. If Government has no one to tax then how do they pay the Elite? If they think they can build robots to replace people; well, good luck. Who will maintain those robots?

Countries that are destroying their farms and manufacturing will simply disappear as their people starve. There is a lot of Insanity in the World today. The countries (or portions of a country) who will survive the New World Order will be those who are the most self-reliant. The Crazy Europeans and Big City Liberals are buying into the Globalist Model because they are already too dependent on others to continue to survive.

I suspect that there is a very good chance we will see massive War in Europe in 2023 and the WEF Cult will go into hiding. Putin may save the World from the New World Order and the World Economic Forum simply because Russia is the most self sufficient country in Europe and modern war is a game of attrition. Russia has food and Energy and can trade those assets in bulk for Imports with China. That is why the US Embargoes actually hurt America more than Russia! Russia learned from it’s failures with Communism.

Reader mostly
Reader mostly
15 days ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

I have taken a defensive position behind walls of liberals raised on convenience. The WEF knows not the wrath of Queen Yoga Pants.

15 days ago

The only thing that needs to be cut are the throats of these globalist bastards.