The West Needs More Mental Institutions


The Left wants you to think you can save the world from climate change by not buying too many clothes. The Guardian suggests you sew your outfits or buy clothes in a second-hand store.

According to Chris Goodall, author of Ten Technologies to Save the Planet, “we buy around 20kg of new clothes annually on average. Each item made from natural fibers has a greenhouse gas footprint of more than 20 times its weight. Not buying new clothes could stop me consuming 0.8 tonnes of CO2 in a year; I only need to cut 1.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions for a comfortable 10%+ off the UK annual average of 14 tonnes.”

He wrote a book that must make him an expert.

WaPo wants you to lower your consumption of clothes. Clothes end up as waste and in landfills, blah, blah.

The World Economic Forum wants people to buy fewer clothes, and their plan to make it happen seems to be to impoverish us, so we can’t buy new clothes.

Now, here’s a crowd of people who are committed, or maybe they should be committed.

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