The WHO Appoints a Communist as Technical Advisor


The World Health Organization (WHO) appointed Susan Michie, a Communist Party of Britain member, as a technical advisor. She wants more COVID restrictions.

Michie has been a member of The WHO’s pandemic “nudge unit” to drive consent for Covid mandates. Given that new information, people should know that The WHO hopes to become the global ruler of pandemics.

Susan Michie

In November, the WHO will attempt to take global leadership of all pandemics. The head of The WHO, Tedros Adhanom, alone would decide whether to declare an illness a pandemic.

He just declared monkeypox a global health emergency and overruled his advisory panel. Tedros, who is not a medical doctor, decided alone. That gives you an idea of how he’ll rule.

Tedros would not only be in charge of pandemics but also decide if the world would lock down, wear masks, get mandatory vaccine passports, and have forced vaccines. In other words, he would usurp the authority and sovereignty of 194 member nations. While it is not legal under our Constitution, our current leadership would probably let him rule.

Speaking of communists, watch the clip after this tweet with Dr. Fauci discussing far more restrictions during pandemics.

Fauci says “much, much more stringent restrictions” should have been imposed in response to asymptomatic COVID. This is the man who lied to us for two years.

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