The WHO Is Ready With Your Global Health Certificate


According to The WHO’s website, WHO’s Global Digital Health Certification Network is an open-source platform built on robust & transparent standards that establishes the first building block of digital public health infrastructure for developing a wide range of digital products for strengthening pandemic preparedness and to deliver better health for all. 

In other words, they are building a comprehensive global infrastructure that everyone in the world will be dragged into, and The WHO, ruled by the Chinese Communists, will tell us what vaccines we must have. It will be tied to a digital ID so they can track us.

According to the site, they will keep track of vaccination status and test results.

This is what Biden and his Progressive Democrats are signing up for. Do you remember voting for this?


They decided there was a gap they needed to fill, so they established a one-size-fits-all solution for the world.

Learning from the COVID-19 pandemic response, there is a recognition of an existing gap and continued need for a global mechanism that can support bilateral verification of the provenance of health documents for pandemic preparedness and continuity of care.

To meet the alleged need they conjured up – a Global strategy for digital health priority actions – the WHO has established the Global Digital Health Certification Network (GDHCN). It is a “building block” of the global health infrastructure they plan to establish. You won’t be able to travel anywhere if you don’t obey.

As Maoist China takes over the world, they will need these global structures in place. China is now in South America, Africa, and the Middle East, and it certainly is within the United States.

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