The Who, UN, EU Move Forward with Digitized Global Vaccine Passports


The World Health Organization (The WHO) is moving ahead with plans for vaccine passports. This is as they also plan to usurp the sovereignty of 193 member nations in the case of serious illnesses and pandemics with a Pandemic Treaty.

Watch your freedoms slip away.

The EU Commission will use its system to initiate the global digital vaccine passport system. The EU is doing it under the guise of making travel easier. The UN will adopt the system.

These are all unelected officials.

They explained this in a press release on this link.

The WHO Director is meeting with the rich tech guy, a former friend of Jeffrey Epstein’s, Bill Gates, to form global policy.

They are destroying democracy and the Republic. They are rushing it in before people realize what is happening to them. It has nothing to do with safety or making travel easier. The people behind it are tied to Maoist China and they are totalitarians.

Wait until AI is perfected. They will use it against us.

The Pandemic Treaty, which is also being decided by a relatively small number of unelected elites without the input of the people, will destroy freedom

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