“There Are No Borders” – Tens of Thousands Amass Near the US Border


Thousands of anonymous people are amassing at the US border. On Tuesday, Title 42 will end, and they will be allowed to walk into the US unimpeded. According to Todd Bensman, judging from reports in South and Central American media, they are doing that now. Border Patrols are busy processing and babysitting as opposed to law enforcement. Cartels have complete control of the border and are operating well beyond.

Our politicians do not care. That was made clear by the passing of the $1.7T Omnibus.

Ten thousand migrants are waiting in Matamoros, just below the southern tip of Texas, to run across the border when Title 42 ends on Tuesday. In Tijuana, it was 9,000. In Juarez, the mayor told the local newspaper 20,000 migrants are waiting to rush the border, Todd Bensman reported.

“When one has the desire to overcome, there are no borders,” one Guatemalan man told El Diario, The Washington Times reports.

Todd Bensman, a national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, has been tracking news south of the border and said it challenges much of what goes as conventional wisdom in the U.S.

In Nicaragua, a line three days long had queued up to get passports to exit the country en route to the US.

In central Mexico, Mr. Bensman found reports of a freight train traveling north had more than 1,000 migrants riding on its rooftop.

Biden does nothing and falsely claims it’s the weather bringing them here or smugglers peddling lies. He used to blame Donald Trump, but that didn’t fly. He likes to claim it’s a humanitarian effort while people die or get raped trying to get here.

Far-left immigrant ‘rights’ groups say those coming are asylum-seekers. Illegal immigrants are now called “asylum seekers,” and illegal immigration is defined as a “humanitarian mission.”

Spanish-language papers say few are fleeing violence but rarely does that involve claims of actual persecution by the government. Most told reporters they’re coming for money and jobs, often planning to reunite with relatives already here and then send money back to other relatives still at home.

One illegal migrant named Rose told the Spanish-language news agency EFE that she left Nicaragua because things were getting “too expensive.” Rose and her children, who will become dependents, can stay no matter what since she is a Nicaraguan. Biden has deemed many nationalities to have amnesty.

If they simply say they have a “credible fear,” they can start the asylum process. They get to stay, and they never leave.

“We can look forward to another wave of mass asylum fraud violations,” Mr. Bensman said.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have been expelled under Title 42 over the last year. they’re coming back, Bensman says.

Mr. Bensman said once the program ends, many of them, still waiting in Mexico, will make another attempt.

“Venezuelans, Ukrainians, Central Americans, where we airlifted them by the tens of thousands by expensive flights, they’re now turning around and coming back,” he said.

One irony is that the Biden administration knows how effective Title 42 has been.

Hours after the Justice Department asked the Supreme Court this week to let the policy expire; Homeland Security issued a statement pointing to its ability to quickly oust 3,400 migrants from El Paso this week, helping relieve a crush of overcrowding in that Texas border city.


According to The Daily Mail, Customs and Border Protection tallied 233,740 migrant encounters, up from 231,294 in October. Mexicans were the largest nationality, followed by Cubans and Nicaraguans.

Ecuadoreans were stopped 11,831 times, up 68 percent from 7,031 times.

Venezuelans were down 64 percent from 22,045 in October.

The number of children traveling alone rose also.

These numbers don’t include the extremely large number of gotaways. There are no agents to stop them. Mr. Bensman has warned about that continuously.

More people die from these drugs than guns. About 45,000 died from guns, mostly suicides, but over 100,000 died from the fentanyl the CCP sends to cartels to bring across our open borders.

The cost of illegal immigration is hidden by NGOs who are paid separately to bring them in and settle them with our tax dollars. In 2017, FAIRUS said it cost the US $116 billion. In 2013, it was only $3 billion. This year, New York Governor is asking for billions from the Biden administration, and Gov. Hochul for the illegal migrants pouring into New York City.

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