There is no fighting climate change ideology


The Terminology Used Makes It Impossible to Fight Back

Scientist Dr. William M. Briggs from The Stream was discussing Earth Day on the blaze in 2017, aptly describing the indoctrination behind the climate change farce.

His message is critical thinking no longer exists, all nonsense is automatically accepted, and the youth have been indoctrinated.

Dr. Briggs explained it has been going on since the 1960s and none of their catastrophic predictions have come about.

As Briggs said, scientists finally have it ‘right’ by calling it “climate change” because the Earth’s temperature has always been fluctuating.

“The climate on the Earth has never been static, not ever. It has never stayed still,” Briggs said. “If you predict ‘climate change,’ you will always be right. You cannot go wrong. It’s infallible.”

Scientists have switched from preaching “global warming” to pushing “climate change” and the buzzword “sustainability” because vague terms are impossible to prove, Briggs said.

Sustainability is even better because it doesn’t mean anything. They are removing it from reality. Global cooling, overpopulation, global warming were a bust for them so all they have to do is say authoritatively that it’s bad for the climate so how can you defend against that?

There is a range of people who follow extreme climate change ideology. Some are corrupt politicians and some are believers who see “man as a cancer”. It’s a return to “pantheism” and the earth is “alive” ideology. How do you talk people out of that kind of religion?


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