There is no longer any science in our endless, indoor lockdown


The economy is grinding to a halt and our factory orders alone dropped over 14%. It is time to look at the science.

There is no science whatsoever in the lockdown by various political leaders in our state and local governments. There is fanaticism. Richard Lowery at National Review writes, “A sure sign of fanaticism is the inability to make distinctions, in this case between risky and non-risky activities, between places hard hit and places not.”

Where is the evidence it is spread outdoors?

The title of his piece is social distancing is not a religion.

Indeed, the statistics are not bearing out the premise that it works. It can’t stop the illness, but it can weaken our immune systems. It is keeping our herd immunity from developing When the lockdown ends, we will be hit even harder because of it.

The guy whose Imperial College model provided the first in a series of wildly off-base disease and death projections has a long history of scary and inaccurate forecasts. Yet top officials give him credence.

As former NY Times reporter Alex Berenson writes, “In a normal investigative reporting world the biggest question being chased right now might be how the guy who predicted “mad sheep” and nine-figure bird flu deaths and whose model depends on 13-year-old code he hasn’t released somehow has the ear of the world’s governments.”

Some will tell you that the US has the highest deaths per 1 million people on the planet. That is incorrect. Check the statistics. The argument is fraudulent.

Findings in a Florida study are consistent with other studies indicating far wider disease spread than we thought, thus a much lower mortality rate.

The lockdown at this point is unwise.


It is Democrats who won’t follow the science. You need to ask yourself why.

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