What the Data, the Science Says About the Wisdom of the Lockdown


Yesterday, we posted a short clip of two ER doctors in California, who have an in-depth background in immunology and microbiology. It was under 3 minutes but it did give the summary. Today, we are posting the entire clip since we think it is very important that people watch the entire interview.

The two ER doctors acquired a lot of COVID tests early, and in the full interview, they explain what their data and data from many places in the U.S. and around the world say about whether this lockdown is wise.

It’s a little long but it’s well worth it.

They talked about the original idea of lockdown, lockdown now, statistics, and suggest why it’s done now.

They say there is no statistical difference in lockdown or no lockdown, so we shouldn’t lock down, at least in California, at this point.

It is important to note that we don’t ever test everyone. We do randomized testing. Trying to test everyone is absurd.

As they said, testing only gives you a moment in time. What testing is showing is COVID is far more widespread than we thought which shows the deaths from COVID are more in line with influenza. A normal influenza season sees 35,000 to 60,000 deaths each year.

People die from more than COVID in most cases, they die from co-morbidities. Administrators, probably hospital administrators, are pressuring doctors to add COVID to their diagnostic list even when they died from years of smoking or diabetes or some other co-morbidity.

They compared states and even Sweden which did a minimal amount of social distancing. There is no statistical difference between Sweden and Norway which did lock down.

Lockdown is a myth since the COVID is on the groceries we buy and the food we take out.

We are weakening our immune systems by depriving ourselves of herd immunity and of sunlight. Lockdown is now causing harm.

We do not need to shelter-in-place or shutter businesses any longer. The doctors say “emphatically no” to that.

We should quarantine the sick, not the healthy. There is no longer a scientific reason to do this since the statistics show social distancing is not statistically different from no social distancing.

Medical systems are falling apart and have furloughed workers. People sick with other illnesses are not being treated, not going to hospitals when they need to go. When this thing is lifted, we will have an influx of illness since our systems are weakened.

There is no science behind choosing who has an essential business and which is not.

In time, this virus will become less virulent.

In the end, our political leaders are trying to control everything and it has gone too far. The doctors say, this lockdown by our politicians, “is about controlling you.” That is their opinion and that of the many doctors they talk to who have no stake in the game. The economy is grinding to a halt and our factory orders alone dropped over 14%. It is time to look at the science.

Watch, you won’t regret it:

The interview keeps getting taken down by the communists so listen to it here [we have the video and can put it up if necessary: Turn to 23

And More here

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